Now That Its 2012….. Watch Dj Hustlenomics and The Hustlenomics Empire REALLY Take Over

The year of 2011 was extremely prosperous and beneficial to Chicago’s very own DJ Hustlenomics….

But 2012? 2012 is the year where things really, really REALLY take off…

First… Let’s run back allllllllll the accomplishments of  2011.

Between January of last year, up until now, Hustlenomics has..

  • Hosted over 30 mixtapes for artists such as Chief Keef, Excuse, S.Dot, Edai, etc.
  • Has hosted with other DJ’s on the best website to gain exposure from
  • His work has been noticed by the people over at Fake Shore Drive
  • Been featured every other Saturday on Prospect Mag Radio
  • Launched The Hustlenomics Empire of course

What else can this man do? Did I mention he’s only 18????????

Guess you’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile…. Check out the recent mixtapes. DOWNLOAD. SUPPORT. SHARE. And if you have ANY business inquiries.. Feel free to email him.

Mixtape Links
Chief Keef X Dj Hustlenomics : BANG! The Mixtape—-bang-mixtape-mixtape.27789.html
Hitz Da Calamity X Dj Hustlenomics : Mobb Lyfe The Mixtape
Tony B. X Dj Hustlenomics : 24 BARS The Teaser Mixtape
Moe Rick X Dj Hustlenomics : Hottest Dread Head The Mixtape
Ibn X Dj Hustlenomics : No Substance The Mixtape
Hugo Tone X Dj Hustlenomics : ATM The Mixtape
Excuse X Dj Hustlenomics : My Zone Alone The Mixtape
Chase N Dough X Dj Hustlenomics (Sponsored) : Dope Season Instrumentals Mixtape
Spyro X Dj Hustlenomics : Don’t Be Scared Now The Mixtape
Chief Rio X Dj Hustlenomics : Reporting Live The Mixtape
Smooth Kid Dino X Dj Hustlenomics : The Movement Before Success The Mixtape
Young Chop X 8TMG X Dj Hustlenomics : We Da Hood The Mixtape
Twitter: DjHustlenomics

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