EvO The Wandering Angel

Mix poetry, fresh lyricism, and original, angelic insight and you get EvO.

Since the age of 13, he’s been writing poetry and messing around with various thoughts…

At 17, he decided to make his voice known to the world…and began something unheard of.

To put it simply, he’s just another “wordsmith” trying to change the world and save it at the same time..

Sounds like a superhero or angel right?

Now at 20, he and his crew S.U.P.A Good Ent and F.O.O.D (FOCUS ONLY ON DREAMS)
are breaking barriers never crossed before.

There isn’t much to be said about this remarkable Chicago artist… No words can be used to describe this raw and passionate talent…

Just close your eyes…Open your soul… and listen


EvO’s debut mixtape, “Memoirs Of A Lyricist” is dropping soon.

Follow him —-> @thought_poet77

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