Would You Date Your Daughter?

What I’m about to write is gonna offend a majority of males. But only the guilty get upset right? Right. 
Being attracted to younger women is nothing new.
In fact it’s always gonna be like that.
Doesn’t mean it’s RIGHT tho.
I propose a question: How young is too young?
In my opinion, If a man likes a female that is 5-7 years younger than him, then it’s okay.
Note that I said MAN  preferably someone around like 25, etc.
I don’t mean that it’s okay for a 20 year old to lust after a 12 year old or something.
Unfortunately, that’s the type of shit I see everyday,and pretty much all my life.
In my opinion, if you  l u s t after a young woman, and you KNOW she’s no where near legal, you sir, have a problem.
And just because she’s 18 STILL doesn’t make it okay. 
Age does not have shit to do with maturity.. 
For example, what does a 28-38 year old have in common with an 18 year old?

I think men do this in order to manipulate and control the poor, clueless, young girls.
Thinking in a man’s mindset, It’s easier to tell a young girl how to think, act, dress, sex you, etc than a grown ass woman with some common sense.
Unfortunately, a LOT of young females DO NOT have common sense when it comes to dealing with older guys.
What’s even more unfortunate, is that the best way for a female to learn this, is from experience.
They don’t understand that a real relationship can’t be built from that.
They don’t understand that all they want is sex.
They don’t understand that all they want is for someone to be all under them that’s easy to control mind body and spirit.

I feel like if a “man” wants all that, then he should get a damn dog….. Leave these young ass girls alone, you fucking pedophiles.
At the end of this, I just wanna ask a few questions to all the men who like these young girls….
Who you date your daughter? Would you fuck her? Would you let friends date her? Fuck her?


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