You’re N O T Wifey Material

Sorry ladies, but a good sex game isn’t enough to keep a man around anymore.

See, in my opinion “wifey material” doesn’t necessarily mean that a guy will actually propose to you and give you that fantasy wedding when you’re older.

I think that ”wifey material” just simply means that a guy likes you enough to keep you around for a while..

However, it kills me when a hoodrat literally S C R E A M S “GURL HE STAYIN’ AROUND CUZ I GOT DAT WET-WET! IM WIFEY!”

This is the face I make —-> -____________________________________________-

And this is what I think —-> Girl what?!

Personally, I feel like if a female only has sex to offer a guy, then who the hell would “wife” that?

Now, there is nothing wrong with being sexual, but relationships, and even real-life marriages are built on way better standards than that.

Here’s a list of ways to be kept around and/or ”wifed” 
  • Be supportive. Men love women who support them to the fullest. No matter what, you have to be his biggest fan, and most positive influence.
  • Be loyal. No guy likes an unfaithful female. If that’s the case, stay single. Being loyal can be one of the most attractive attribute a woman can possess.
  • Don’t be a gold digger. I’m sorry but I feel like if a girl is constantly in a dude’s pocket, yet does NOTHING TO DESERVE IT.. you need to be cancelled. End of discussion
  • Love unconditionally, not stupidly. Love a man flaws and all, there should never be a desire to change them. If they’re really the one, they’ll want to please you on their own..

Sex is an important factor. But it’s not the end-all,

 be all. Besides, pussy gets old.
If you’re a female and you can possess those above qualities, maybe you’ll get a RING on your finger and upgrade from being “wifey” to a person’s WIFE.

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