Kween K Interviews Honey Cocaine

I had the rare chance of sitting down with Honey Cocaine when she was here for her concert with Tyga. 
Check It Out!
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You Never REALLY Know…

Kween K’s definition of Sexual Ignorance {adj}- When a male or female gets so comfortable with a person that they are having unprotected sex with them…On top of having unprotected sex, they refuse to go to the local clinic, and get their sexual organs checked out, naive and ignorant to the fact that there is a possibility they can still catch something.

Sexual ignorance is probably one of my biggest pet peeves, and a trait I see in people too often.
I see this trait more often in females than males, and quite frankly, I find it pathetic.
Recently, it was a school-wide initiative thing that allowed CPS high students to get free and confidential STD testing.
In my head, I think that’s great, because if anyone knows how Planned Parenthood or any other free clinic works, getting an appointment to get checked out is damn near impossible. 
Because of that factor you would think these girls would be running to get a test…. right?
…….NO. NOT EVEN THE CASE -____________-
One girl even had the nerve to say “I know I ain’t got nuthin’… Ain’t even no point of taking a test.”
……. -___________________________________________________________________-
How does a person really know, if you’ve never been to a doctor? Most STD symptoms don’t even show up, and most won’t find out if they have HIV, until years later. The same females who swear up and down their partner doesn’t have anything, usually are the same ones who are crying because they find out they have chlamydia. 
So why not get checked out? 
Wanna know what’s even more absurd?
Broads will holler and scream how GROWN they are, but won’t be a big girl and go to the doctor.
I don’t care how old you are, if you are so scared to go for an annual check up, then mentally, you’re as childish as my 4 year old sister.
The point is, I believe there’s no feeling better than knowing. Call it trust issues, paranoia, etc; but even in a “committed” relationship people should still get checked out… Hell, you can even go together.
Besides, you never really know…. So go to the doctor.. Before it’s too late.
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Hittz Feat. Capo – Go Tyme ( DJ HUSTLENOMICS EXCLUSIVE )

Hitz Da Calamity is back at it again with a hot new single off his highly anticipated mixtape hosted by DJ Hustlenomics. Along with with some lyrical content from the main advocator of the #NoTalking movement, (Who goes by the name of Capo) “Go Tyme” is a song SURE to make you want Hitz Da Calamity’s mixtape to come faster!

Don’t just take my word for it… Press play.

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I Forgive You, I Still Don’t Want You Though.

Some of my exes have the common problem of not understanding that just because I forgive you of all your mistakes, does not mean I would like to be with you in a relationship again.. Actually, the reasons I forgive are far from that.

When I’m with someone, my love for them is limitless and unconditional. I understand that the perfect male doesn’t exist, for I am not a perfect female. 
I think if more people understood that, many wouldn’t be put on a unrealistic pedestal, and more would learn how to love someone, flaws and all.
Anyways. The quickest way to mess up with a person is too
  • Cheat
  • or Become comfortable /and or unappreciative.

At least that’s how you can mess up with me.

Now with me, you get 1-3 times for errors…. But if you cross me one too many times, then nothing in this world will possess me to get back with you, no matter how many times you beg, cry, and plead. 
I’ll be petty, bitter and any other adjective you can think of when it comes to mending a bruised ego and broken heart. But eventually, I forgive. And move on with life.
2 reasons to Forgive someone who hurt you:
HOLDING GRUDGES IS POINTLESS- When you hold a grudge, that person looms control over you, and honestly, that’s the worst thing you can allow a person to do. Just let it go, no matter how bad it is… I’m not saying right away, because mending a heart and getting over a situation takes time…just don’t still be upset at the same shit 20 years later.
  SOMETHING BETTER WILL COME- When you let go of that grudge, watch how positive life turns out. Someone who appreciates you, respects you, and loves you will come along…. Don’t put the mistakes of what one person did on an innocent person… Doing that will cause you to miss out on your blessing. There’s always an upgrade for a situation. Remember that.
That being said, I have no grudges or anger towards my exes.
Even though the love is gone, the respect is still there.
I forgive simply because life is too short….
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The Make-Up Process

Everyone has been in the predicament of upsetting their boo.

Upsetting them so much to the point that they’re not talking to you, looking your way.. etc.
And the worst part about it, it’s completely your fault.

Well, instead of letting a good thing go to waste, whether you’re in a committed relationship or not, I’m here to offer some tips that just might help you and your loved one get back on good terms.

DON’T COME ON TOO STRONG- What I mean by this is, if you and your significant other have just gotten into a huge argument, don’t be all in their face kissing, hugging, etc. That confuses them. Don’t force them into reconciling with you so soon. Besides, no matter how much a person may love and care about you, your constant presence/affection can annoy them. Your best bet is to follow their lead.
KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS- This is an old school tactic that always works in most situations.. My grandma used to tell me that you catch more bees with sugar than shit. That being said, be sweet. Be thoughtful. People love it when you do little things for them. So if you know your boo loves apple juice, buy them an apple juice every morning before school… I’m not saying you should cash out, but noticing their favorite things puts them in the mindset that you care.. and you definitely wanna make things right.
REALIZE THAT THE BALL IS IN THEIR COURT- or let them think that it is… However, if you’re the one in the wrong, then it really IS in their court. Now if you’re as impatient as I am, then following their lead will be a hard thing to do… however, when it comes to matters of the heart or dealing with hurt feelings, the other party calls the shots. If they choose not to ever speak to you again, or be with you; then you have no choice but to accept it, and remember what NOT to do when dealing with someone you love.
Those tips should help, but if the situation is SUPER bad, then there is only one thing left to do…
SEDUCE THEM- When all else fails, give up the goodies…in whatever way you feel comfortable, if you catch my drift…. Seriously, only use this tactic when you’ve tried all 3 above… Call him/her up. Tell them you wanna see them.. Set up a time and place. And pull out all methods of seduction, NO TALKING.
When you do it, sex them like your life depends on it. This act should exude passion. Say all the right things, do all the right moves…there should be no holds barred when it comes to your loved one.
Now if those things don’t work… I don’t know what to tell you….Except…
HAVE PATIENCE-  If things are meant to be fixed, then it will. Affection won’t fix problems. Time and communication will. The more time you give&the better you communicate, the better things can possibly be. 
That doesn’t mean wait around forever tho!
Take these tips and run with them, and for once I’ll be taking my own advice..
Happy making up…. 😉

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