You Never REALLY Know…

Kween K’s definition of Sexual Ignorance {adj}- When a male or female gets so comfortable with a person that they are having unprotected sex with them…On top of having unprotected sex, they refuse to go to the local clinic, and get their sexual organs checked out, naive and ignorant to the fact that there is a possibility they can still catch something.

Sexual ignorance is probably one of my biggest pet peeves, and a trait I see in people too often.
I see this trait more often in females than males, and quite frankly, I find it pathetic.
Recently, it was a school-wide initiative thing that allowed CPS high students to get free and confidential STD testing.
In my head, I think that’s great, because if anyone knows how Planned Parenthood or any other free clinic works, getting an appointment to get checked out is damn near impossible. 
Because of that factor you would think these girls would be running to get a test…. right?
…….NO. NOT EVEN THE CASE -____________-
One girl even had the nerve to say “I know I ain’t got nuthin’… Ain’t even no point of taking a test.”
……. -___________________________________________________________________-
How does a person really know, if you’ve never been to a doctor? Most STD symptoms don’t even show up, and most won’t find out if they have HIV, until years later. The same females who swear up and down their partner doesn’t have anything, usually are the same ones who are crying because they find out they have chlamydia. 
So why not get checked out? 
Wanna know what’s even more absurd?
Broads will holler and scream how GROWN they are, but won’t be a big girl and go to the doctor.
I don’t care how old you are, if you are so scared to go for an annual check up, then mentally, you’re as childish as my 4 year old sister.
The point is, I believe there’s no feeling better than knowing. Call it trust issues, paranoia, etc; but even in a “committed” relationship people should still get checked out… Hell, you can even go together.
Besides, you never really know…. So go to the doctor.. Before it’s too late.

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