Rated REAL: The Stupidity Of Card Cracking

I have gotten some pretty wild messages on Facebook, but this past week I received one that blew my mind. Below is a screen shot of what I saw:
Now, of course I blotted out the name and picture for legal reasons, (ironic right?) 
But yeah…. About this card cracking thing…. In simple terms, I ain’t fucking with it.. AT ALL.
In fact, I think it’s quite stupid.
The putting it all out on the internet part that is.
See, what these youngins’ quite don’t understand is that, the feds, the IRS, the police, etc. Looks at EVERYTHING WE DO ON THE INTERNET. 
When you make a Facebook status, or message others talking about illegal activities, eventually, you will get caught dumbass.
I don’t know what it is about our generation that makes us want to expose everything, but if you’re gonna do illegal shit, at least be smart, and low-key about it.
And as good as dude made that offer sound, I just can’t mess with it..
Orange jumpsuits just don’t look good on me..which means jail isn’t a good look for me.
It’s okay to get money… Just do it the smart way!!!

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