Krowned: Tink – "Fingers Up" (Official Video)

As the first person to ever interview Tink, she makes me very proud as she progresses further in her musical career. To put it simply, the girl is dope, and everything she puts out is A1. It’s like no other girl can compare… That’s because Tink is in her own lane. 
Here she is with a visual to her latest tune Fingers Up shot by D.Gainz, who also produced the track.

{Guest Post} Rated REAL: Why {SOME} Women Prefer To Be A Hoe Rather Than A Housewife {Part 2}

Props to my girl Kween K for telling it like it is! Some women truly do prefer to live a promiscuous lifestyle instead something more safe and comfy with a hubby at home. In true Chicago fashion she told it the best way possible, BRUTALLY! I was just shocked when I realized she left out an important element of being a hoe.
Yes! Believe it or not, some of these ladies are pimping themselves Whether or not if they realize, there are some clever girls out there that know what their talents are worth and some straight dummies that are robbing themselves for pleasure. Before any of you can say I don’t know shit “that bitch don’t know what she talking about”, I DO, I used to live with one for nearly a year.
Watch out for them sneaky bitches. They lie, manipulate, and most of all hoe. And to no present shock, 90% of the time, looks don’t matter to the guys they’re fucking with! That’s right. A guy will give an ugly hoe $50 to suck him up and expect the chick he talking to to do that shit for free while he filling up the hoe pockets on the side. That truly is some unacceptable shit. Even worse, a lot of “true friends” are turning up to be hoes. It’s cool, no judgment here, that is until they think your man is a fucking Client! Beat both they assess and move on with your life ladies.
Hoes are out here getting paid with our rent and food money! There’s no way to stop it, but I can say look out, beware, and for any pimp, hoeing ain’t easy.
                                                                                                Smooches, Tha QUEEN
Tha QUEEN is a multiple published magazine writer and seasoned journalist, who hails from Chicago, IL. 
Follow her on Twitter @meliahgirl

Rated REAL: Reasons Why {SOME} Women Prefer To Be A Hoe Rather Than A Housewife

Let’s be real: Everybody isn’t cut out for the fairytale Cinderella type, love story. 
Let’s be even realer: Some females don’t want the committed, one man, one love type of relationship.
As crazy as this may sound…. some women prefer to be a hoe, rather than a housewife.
Here’s why:
When you’re not obligated to anyone, I swear you lead a stress free life. Hoes belong to no one (except a pimp, if they have one) but having no obligations can work out for everyone.

Some women simply don’t like relationships and the responsibilities of being committed to one person so soon, so young. Commitment isn’t super hard, but it is stressful and being committed to a person can honestly bring the best and the worst out of someone. To avoid all this, a female chooses a promiscuous lifestyle instead.

Being able to fuck whoever she wants is like liberation to some women, especially those who have chosen the whorish lifestyle. Pussy is power right? What greater power is it to have someone to satisfy your physical needs only.. you don’t have to talk about feelings, where the relationship is headed, love, nothing. Once the orgasm is over, the woman is out, usually leaving the person who’s she sexing, eating out the palm of her hands

To me, the biggest a woman may choose to be a hoe is because she never learned how to love herself, so she makes herself unavailable emotionally, and wants to go thru life unloved, because if she looked love dead in it’s face, she wouldn’t know what to do with it.

Unfortunately, not all females understand that a whorish lifestyle will eventually catch up to them.. but that’s another blog post.