Rated REAL: Is This What Drill Music Has Come To?

Before I say what I what I have to say, watch this video.
Ok…. As a proud Chicagoan, I must honestly say that I am appalled at this video.. And from the 1,410 comments and counting, most people are too.
, See, the problem is that this little boy is 13 years young, doing and saying some shit I would expect to see in a Chief Keef video.
This is the side of Drill Music I don’t like. It’s too damn influencing, it’s losing it’s novelty, and honestly, when people like this kids make music like this, it just goes to show you how some drill music is pure ass.
Not that I was expecting any positive messages or anything, but damn… this kid?????
Now everyone can rant and rave about how this kid needs parents, and yadda yadda yadda.. 
But to me, everyone is missing the key point.
If Chicago is on the map musically, is this what we want to be represented for?
Is this what we want our children to imitate?
And the most important question, is this what Drill Music has come to?

2 thoughts on “Rated REAL: Is This What Drill Music Has Come To?

  1. I think it has nothing to with drill music but the fact that kids are more tec saveyy . when I was 10 my mother found a tape I made which consisted of violent raps about counting money having sex and shooting. if I had youtube I would have made a video.. And I also think the title drill music is a gimick its just gangsta /hood rap ..


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