Rated REAL: Worry About Your OWN Music Career

As we all know, Twitter went apeshit yesterday when the face of the drill music scene, Mr. Chief Keef so eloquently proclaimed that Mr.Kanye West ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> 
Now whether that’s a true statement or not, is not the issue here. The issue here is that I saw way too many people debating over this bullshit like their opinion can actually enhance their musical capabilities.
It’s absurd to me that you “artists” can sit up here and bitch about who put who on, but can’t even put yourself on!
I’m going to conclude with a few pieces of advice: 
1. Don’t offer your opinion on anything as an “artist” if no one even knows your name. I saw too much of that on Twitter last night. 
2. Instead of arguing with other Twitter followers about who put who on, how about you hit the studio and make some music!
3. The reason why most of you clowns won’t be successful is because yawl are too worried about the next muthafucka…. How about you figure out how to get billions of views, millions of downloads, a diverse fan base and how to spark a national Twitter debate.
And while I’m not taking sides, I felt the need to point this out ~~~> 
*Drops mic and exits stage* 

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