Rated REAL: Today’s College Student

I’ve only been in college for a week and boy do I have some stories for y’all.

I won’t tell them all just yet, but please believe that the farther I go into this college journey, the more stories I’ll have to tell.

Anyways, it’s two major things I’ve noticed while being here and quite frankly, it gets on my nerves so much it makes my head hurt.
STUNTING– In all of my 18 years on this earth, I have never seen so much pump-faking and/ or stunting in one place. In a sense, it’s ironically funny, especially with my generation of college students. 
For example : A dude will be out here with $300 shoes on, a outfit to complete it, the newest Apple product and all types of electronics for his dorm. If he’s blessed enough to get a refund check, he’ll spend on some foolery, just to stunt. 
The Reality : These fools, are stunting so hard that they don’t even have their priorities together. The world is so materialistic that a person will buy the latest thing to become popular, that they don’t have enough money to buy their books, or enough meals on their meal plans to survive during the week. 
Word Of Advice : Stop stunting. Get your shit together. Learn how to become a real adult. If you stunt too much, you gone find yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, and sitting at home by December because I’m pretty sure if you don’t have your life priorities together, you probably don’t have your class priorities together either.
Stunting is a trait that  like 50% of the people on my college campus posess. I guess it’s because they haven’t quite figured themselves out yet, I mean we are only 18, but damn. Hopefully they don’t continue to go thru life like that.
THE THIRST TO BE KNOWN  –   I really hoped that once I entered college that being thirsty would end. But ya know, IT DOESN’T. If anything, it goes into overkill. Some of these college kids are upset because when they get to their college towns, no one knows them. Everyone wants to make a name for themselves, cool. But why be so thirsty? Especially if you’re really not any one worth knowing off Twitter.
The Reality –  Being thirsty to become known will never end. I understand that. However, the first step to becoming “known” is to figure out what you want to be known for. Choose wisely.  
Word Of Advice – Well I have a few special things to say, and hopefully most of you guys take it and live life by it. 
1) Anyone can make a “name” for themselves via the internet, it’s what you do in REAL LIFE that actually matters. 
         2)  If you’re REALLY out here, your brand/image should be able to surpass where you’re originally from.
         3) What’s the point of knowing a lot of people, being plugged here and there if its not helping you make any money or further your success?
4) Stop expecting to become some overnight celebrities… All things worthwhile always take time. 
Here’s a quote from one of my favorite rappers by the name of Ern Cobain, that I recite to myself everyday:
“The first and final thing that you have to do in this world is to last in it, and not to be smashed by it”
What do you guys think about this piece? Is my judgement correct? Did I miss something?

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