Rated REAL : Analyzation Of The College Male

Week 2 of college. More stories to tell.
I’ve never been the type to say “Niggas ain’t shit” or any other race for that matter, but as I continue to observe these male specimens on my college campus, I can understand why most females make that claim.
I’ve also never been the type to group every guy I come across into one category, however, these males out here show no originality, or common sense, so if I was the bitter or cynical type, I would definitely be saying what all the other broads say.
Anyways. I took the time to analyze these dudes, because that’s what college teaches you. To exercise your brain and search for meanings in people and things beyond the surface.
So with that being said, here is my analyzation of the college male.
The Frats- The big dudes on campus, all the women are supposed to swoon and drop their cotton drawls at the sight of these mostly handsome guys. They are arrogant, educated and uncouth in their ways. The black frats throw “wild” parties every weekend, and make partying and getting a college education look easy. All the guys want to be them, and all the girls are doing damn near anything and I do mean anything to be with them.
The Reality – I’ve been toying with ways to say this respectfully, but I’ll just be honest: Most of these guys who are in these “prestigious” fraternities still ain’t shit, and never will be.What’s so funny is that they walk around like “Hi my name is ______, I’m a ______ *inserts name of frat* drop your panties”
 If anything, the ones who rep their frats the hardest are doing nothing but disrespecting the very things their frats stand for and I bet my whole bursar bill that their asses are more than likely not graduating. Not to hate, but I see a lot of lost souls who simply need to get their acts together, because the real world is no joke!
The Regular Guys – I’ve seen and heard about so much scandalous activities concerning these menfolk it’s ridiculous. To put it simply, these unstable creatures will try to have sex with a chick one minute, then the next minute you look up, they’re all on Twitter proclaiming their endless love for the broad they left back in their hometowns. I have  yet to come across or observe someone who understands why it’s not okay to stick their penises into any and everything that moves.

The Reality – Fools like this will more than likely be home in December, because if pussy and stunting is the only thing that’s on their brains, I can guarantee my whole meal plan that they’re not on top of their school game. It’s sad how the males in college carry themselves, and what’s even sadder is how some of the females accept it.

To avoid all these clowns, and the drama that’s associated with them I’ve came up with a daily mantra:
“Don’t worry about things that won’t progress you as a person or get you that college degree. If you come across a person that doesn’t fall into those categories, then don’t worry about them, because they sure as hell are not worrying about you.”
Be cautious. Live life.
Now that I’ve analyzed the college male, should I do a female version? What do you all think about this topic?
Am I right? Am I wrong?

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