Rated REAL : Why Rap Beef Is Important To Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop is a big kid’s game, and only lethal songs and strong lyricists survive.
Hip-Hop is a sport, merely a competition to see who’s better than who.
Many try. Not to many succeed.
I support rap beef because it makes things fun and interesting. Music has been boring lately, and a rap beef came right on time.
In the 80’s and 90’s, and even early 2000’s, some of the greatest music ever created were diss songs.

Rap beef is essential to Hip-Hop because it seperates the weak from the talented, the real from the fake, and the bold peacocks from the quiet church mouses.

Rap beefs can also make or break your career, so beef wisely.

If you’re a sensitive person and can’t handle a little diss, then maybe you should put down the mic and go cry in a corner somewhere. Nothing is worse than an artist that can’t handle a little competition.

The fans reaction to rap beef is essential too. To me, the fans go harder than the artists themselves and when that happens, you know your fan base is concrete.

Unfortunately, many artists and fans of music in my generation don’t understand why rap beef is important. They get upset, put out death threats, argue via social networks, kill people, and do other irrelevant shit.

 The booth is the gun. The words are the bullets.

Get that ass in the booth, Let the games begin.

Do you agree?
Are rap beefs still relevant?
Do you disagree?

One thought on “Rated REAL : Why Rap Beef Is Important To Hip-Hop

  1. I agree with you rap beefs are needed in hip hop today. I was too young to understand the Biggie n Pac beef but i was well into the Jay-Z N Nas beef. That beef helped boost both rappers in stardom especially Jay-z. Sadly though in today hip hop beef is dead. They dont wanna take shots through music but on twitter and throw subliminals. I mean imagine if Ross and Wayne had an actual rap beef. The hype for it would be crazy! Especially if they kept the beef in the songs n off social media. But those times are long gone

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