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College is one hell of a life changing experience, I will say that. If you go away to school and don’t notice a personal growth within yourself, then you’re not experiencing it right.

Anyways. Enough of my inspirational quotes and life changing philosophies…. Let’s talk about how to deal with your roommate!


Living with someone you know or don’t know is much of a chore, but more so a humbling experience. Humbling, because it teaches you how to live with another person; and a chore because while you live with that person, you have to deal with that person’s attitude, mood swings, and quirky personality traits which can really be a burden on some folks.

Should Your Roommate Be Someone You Know? – I don’t think you can ever truly know someone until you live with them, so there is no definite answer to this question. Me personally, I would want to live with someone I’m familiar with, rather some random broad, because people are crazy! However, if you’re the adventurous, I-love-meeting-new-people type then by all means live with a random person.

Be Courteous – When living with someone, you have to be courteous of his or hers’ sleep schedule, and how they feel about people in you all’s room. When having company, let your roommate know ahead of time. Maybe they want to be present, maybe they don’t. Always give them that option to choose. Set up some type of time limit on how long your guests can stay. Don’t be an inconsiderate person and have people in and out, turning up at all hours of the night when your poor roommate has an 8 AM class the next day. A little courtesy can go a long way, especially if you live with someone.

COMMUNICATE – No matter who you are, what you do, or what your major is, COMMUNICATION goes a long way! To me, there is no situation that can’t be talked out, especially amongst you and your roommate. What you don’t do is go to Facebook or Twitter talking shit about a situation that you and your roommate might be going through. Especially if you’re roommate follows you on Twitter or is your friend on Facebook! Talking to a social networking site instead of your roommate can result in a bigger issue, that could have been easily been solved. The whole world does not need to know you all’s problems… Be a mature adult about things and learn how to communicate, and if you can’t, then maybe your ass shouldn’t be in college (let alone living life) in the first place.

Learn To Give Your Roommate Space – No one wants to be around someone they live with 24/7.  Period! Some people can’t deal with other people on a consistent basis, why do you think married couples argue so much? When you live with someone, there will be times when the mere presence of someone can annoy you or them. When you or they are annoyed by someone’s presence, you argue. Find a life. Do something productive. Give people space. Everybody’s happy.

It’s Not The End Of The World If You And Your Roommate Argue – Disagreements are common amongst those you share close living quarters with. No matter what you do, an argument is bound to happen. Honestly though, it’s not the end of the world. Don’t go being over dramatic like “Oh my God, I need a n­ew roommate!” just because he or she irks your nerves temporarily.  Talk it out, give each other space for a day or two, and then get the fuck over it. Don’t hold a grudge towards someone you have to live with, that’s goofy. Keep the peace where you sleep!

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