Rated REAL – Does She Ask For It?

Today in my English 101 class, we discussed an article in the NewYork Times about an 11 year old girl who was gang raped by 18 males. That’s pretty fucked up isn’t it?
What’s even more fucked up is that the author of this article put more attention on the males who raped the little girl, and gave the perpetrators some sympathy, which angers me to no end.
For those who remember the blog post I did back in March, entitled Don’t Rape, I touched lightly on this serious subject. Today though, I’m getting more in depth.
Did you know that rape is more common than smoking cigarettes?
Did you know that every 45 seconds a female is raped?
Did you know that 1 in 10 men will be raped in his lifetime?
Did you know that 1 in 7 male rape victims will have been raped by age 18?
Did you know that if a female is a victim of rape as a child, she is 7 times more likely to get re-victimized as an adult?
 Did you know that most rape victims personally know their assailant?
Did you know that when a female gets raped, it is usually blamed on her?
What angers me the most about this society, is that we {females} are taught “Don’t Get Raped” so we’re told what to wear, what not to wear, how to act, etc. Even if we follow those guidelines to the last and final detail guess what? RAPE STILL HAPPENS! 
How about society teaches their fucking sons not to go around raping people.
In the particular article, it is basically said that the young girl “dressed like a 20 year-old and that’s probably why she got raped.”
Here’s the thing:
NO ONE ”deserves” to get their innocence taken from them, no matter what factors lead up to it.
So what she wore make-up?
So what she hung out with teenage boys?
The fact that many individuals point the finger at this innocent child is mortifying to me; and makes my stomach turn.
Even the common street whore has the right to say no.
I don’t care if I switch my ass and twerk my twat all up and down 79th street, that doesn’t give some sick ass cunt the right to rape me or anyone else does it? 
Didn’t think so.
But you guys tell me……
Can a female really ask to get raped?

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  1. This is a touchy subject and I think no one asks to be raped. How someone is dressed has nothing to do with it. In fact, young men are more likely to be victims of rape than young women i.e. a case where a young man was in danger of being executed for killing two men that raped him for years everyday. It is something about the mind of the rapist and not the victim; sadly power is a huge factor.

  2. I'm pro death penalty for rapists now some may ask what about the falsely accused ? what about people that were later found not guilty due to DNA ? to this I say two things. in every war there will be casualties. also, when rapist get out of jail if they even go they rape again statistically speaking . soo to all the vigilanties out there if you know a suspected rapist do the world and that little girl next door a favor and handle the situation because our gov isn't there more concerned about stupid shit like drugs and gay marriage

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