Rated REAL – Women and The Industry

Throughout history, it has never been a great time to be a female, mainly due to how misogynistic and sexist this world is. 
In the business world, it’s not easy, nor fun being a female either.
However, as a young woman, that has truly experienced   a taste of how this business goes, I can honestly say, that in most cases, we bring upon our own negative connotations by the shit we do.
In simple terms, as women, we cannot ask to get respected in this world if we simply don’t respect ourselves.

To put it even simpler, before a female decides to fuck around with people in the same line of work as herself, she should really consider what type of reputation can come from the company she chooses to keep.
Too often, there are stories of women who “fuck their ways into success” and that makes it hard for any woman  to gain respect in this world, whether she’s a secretary for a business or a famous talk show host with her own show.
Here’s a few tips on how not to get shunned by this sexist ass industry:
Trust None – Realize that men ( and I use that word loosely) run their mouths worse than bitches females. They gossip, over-exaggerate situations and have subliminal “my-dick-is-bigger-than-yours” pride contests with other males. You can’t trust anyone to keep your secrets, and while we as women logically shouldn’t do dirt in the first place, at least don’t willingly broadcast it, especially to another person.
Think With Your Brain, Not Your Wet Vagina – We all have needs. I get it. But carelessly having sex with a few folks is never the move, no matter how much you may like them. Just because it looks good, tastes better, etc, does not mean it’s good for you. If you have to think twice about a situation, always follow your first mind.. To avoid falling into traps, get a hobby. Work harder. Invest in a toy if your physical needs to be met that bad… but always use your brain first!!
Show How You Respect Yourself, So Others Will Too –  People treat you based on how you treat yourself. For example, I call myself Kween K, which means I expect people to put me on some sort of pedestal, to treat me a certain way; right?  However, if I’m acting the opposite of my name, then how can I expect some random ass person I do business with to do the same? Ladies, we (MYSELF INCLUDED) have got to do better with respecting ourselves. This industry wasn’t made for us. Men will degrade us anyway, simply because we’re females, so let’s not contribute to the foolery by bringing down ourselves.
Keep Your Personal Life Isolated – As a woman in the entertainment and/or media industry, it’s one thing we need to master, and that’s keeping our personal life isolated from the rest of the world. No one we do business with, or come in contact in the industry with should know our relationship status, our likes, dislikes, or even our real names. That is very hard to do with social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram but I suggest maybe having private accounts or even a personal account aside from your public one. Choose what you want the world to see.
Remember How Small This World Is – If you mess with a DJ, that DJ may do business with a rapper you frequently blog about, who is managed by your other boo thang, who does business with your new producer friend, who may be cousins with your college roommate, who happens to be best friends with a guy you had a one night stand with. While you may or may not find yourself in this scenario or a different one, all of that is to remind you on how small this world is, especially in this industry. We are all connected in one way or another. So If you think no one will find out what you do, remember : Everyone knows everyone. No secret is safe.
and lastly…
Keep Your Business First –  As a woman, your business should always be your main priority. The thing that you should put all your blood, sweat, and tears into. Don’t let anything, whether it’s some good dick, or even true love defer you from reaching your goals and living out your dreams.
At the end of the day, a woman only has her word and reputation to be remembered by.
Ladies, work this industry…. Don’t let it work you.
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  1. With my blog it is based on me, but I put a spin on it by focusing on everyday health and wellness. I do give myself a persona (Tha QUEEN) but Meliah is what my readers know me by because it is an endearment. I expect to be adored. #Salute

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