Rated REAL – Do We Need College?

As much as I love being a 90’s baby, I sometimes wish I would’ve grown up in my parent’s generation. 

I take that back. Shit wasn’t easy back then either.
What I do wish is that college was like School Daze (one of Spike Lee’s greatest films) or A Different World (spin-off of The Cosby Show).
As long as I could remember, I’ve always wanted to go to college, it’s always been instilled in me that college is the key to success. For years, I believed that theory, and here I am, currently in my first semester of college.
However…. I’m just wondering a few things.. why do we need  have to go to college if we have…
The Internet – We live in a world where everything is literally at our finger tips. Anything we might ever want to know, can literally be answered on websites such as Google and YouTube. Why spend hundreds of dollars a year on some books when we can just type it into a computer and get the same answer?
Why do we “need” college if….
We Are Not Even Guaranteed A Career After Graduation – Let’s be an honest….those credentials we spend 4 +++ years trying to get, don’t guarantee anything but struggle. It’s just a piece of paper. Blame it on the fucked up economy, but there is no reason in the world a person with a PH.D in psychology should be a manager at McDonald’s. People put so much emphasis on a degree, when in reality, it’s your hustle that determines your salary.
Why do we “need” to go to college if….
We Already Know What The Hell We Need To Do With Our Lives – College is a sacrifice when you already know what you want to be in life and the steps to get there. Why do I have to sit thru a bullshit lecture, take irrelevant tests, and pay all this money to an institution that doesn’t give a fuck about me? Sure, everyone isn’t cut out for the “self-made” lifestyle, but going to college isn’t necessarily a good route either.
 Do we need college if…
The Jobs We’re Expected To Have Don’t Exist Yet – Think about how often Apple comes out with new products. Think about how often Microsoft Word changes programming. The point is, going to college for
4 years, and then graduating has to be pretty shitty once you realize that your skills that you’ve been taught are outdated. So that means you need more skill to get a certain position, which means more school, when in reality, you’ll never catch up.
And lastly, why do we “need” to go to college if…
It’s Not Made To Be Affordable – This point is pretty self explanatory. I’m not sure if college not being affordable (no matter where the fuck you go) is some type of weird trick the government plays on us, but why should I spend my time getting all A’s in high school, making honor roll, and all that other pacifying bull shit we’re expected to do, only to be thousands of dollars in debt and possibly job-less when it’s all said and done? I can testify and tell you now that your freshman year of college is nothing but high school all over again! Why the hell should anyone waste all this money and not even get taught their major yet?
While I’m not saying I’d drop out, or encouraging anyone else to, I can’t help but think…
Do we need college?
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