Rated REAL: The College Female.

After the release of Analyzation Of The College Male , I decided it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t get on the females. So without further ado, here is my break-down of the female that is in college with a few sub-categories they fall in.

The Ambitious Girl -This is the chick who came to college goal oriented and eager to learn. She is usually outgoing, innovative, passionate about her craft and creative. She is the one who feels that she has everything figured out about herself, and impresses most upperclassmen with her drive and thirst to expand her brand.

The Unmotivated Girl – This is a girl who doesn’t know what she wants out of life, and isn’t even interested in taking the steps to figure out what she wants. She’s the one who barely goes to class, sleeps all day, and has no consistency or dedication in what she does. This girl will more than likely drop out of college after her first semester or first year, and work a job, eventually getting trapped by the “settled” and unfulfilled lifestyle.

The Vindictive / Spiteful Girl –  This bitch  female is one possibly created by the devil himself. She is sneaky, insecure and just a chore to be around. The worst thing about this girl is that you wouldn’t be able to recognize what type of person she is right away, because she is someone who you call a friend. The vindictive female is the one who becomes your friend, learns all your personal business, and then uses it against you when you all bump heads. Choose what you want people to know about you.

The Promiscuous Girl – This is the girl that everyone loves to hate, all because of what she chooses to do with her body. Usually single, she feels as if she is entitled to do what she wants, whenever she wants because she is obligated to no one. She is usually intimidating to other females because while they try to label her and look down on her, she is half-way content on the way she lives her life. This girl is promiscuous because there is a void that needs to be filled, and she looks to other for her fulfillment.

The Childish Girl –  This is the girl who hasn’t realized that she is no longer a child anymore. Since I can only speak for a first year student’s point of view, I say about 80% of freshman females still act like children, because in reality, we are. The childish girl is the one who is a child about everything, from sh”ring space, to communicating with others.

The Lost Girl – This girl is the one who follows the crowd, in search of trying to figure out who she is. She is obviously naive, and will even resort to kissing ass just to fit in with people. College is about finding yourself, but what the lost girl doesn’t realize is that you don’t need to be a clone in order to do so.

The Inter-meddling Girl – Inter-meddling is an educated way of saying nosy. This girl is that bitch  girl that has no hobbies, day job, or source of income and is always concerned about what the next person is doing. She is overly dramatic, and can wreck havoc on anyone’s life. She wants to know your business simply so she can tell your business. She has no life, so she use’s others to entertain herself and occupy her time.

Which girl are you?
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  1. At one point I was in between the childish girl and the ambitious girl. At this point as a non traditional college student I am the ambitious girl.

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