Rated REAL – Rap Rules

Since being a rapper is everyone’s favorite job these days, I might as well give you all a few rules so you all can actually last in this rap shit. Some of you all actually have a chance at making it in this rap shit, but a lot of you all do not, especially if you guys are not following these rules.

Rule #1 – Stop Expecting Someone To “Put You On” – Too often I see rappers wanting others to put them on, make them famous, give them clout, etc, but there is little to 0 work put in on their own behalf. Personally, I feel like that practice is lazy as hell, because everybody knows, if a person doesn’t work they don’t eat. There is a difference between networking, and using someone else’s name to put you on. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE and PUT SOME WORK IN FOOL!
Rule #2 – Be Mindful Of Who You Do Songs With – I’m sorry, but there is no way in hell you as an artist should be doing a song with any Tom, Dick, And Harry. Do music with other people because you respect their craft, and you know that shit will be dope, giving the world eargasms left and right. Sometimes being known as the person who is on “everyone’s track” isn’t a good thing. That connotation  lowers your exclusivity and credibility, since its so easy to get a verse out of you.

Rule #3 – Rap About What YOU Want – It’s so many types of the SAME rappers out here it’s sickening. I personally feel like you all should fuck what the people want to hear, fuck what these labels think is cool, and do you. Never put yourself in a box, because if everyone is making music about the same shit, then how the hell do you stand out?

Rule #4 – FUCK These Blogs – Backwards right? However, this is what I mean when I say that. How many of ya’ll be ass hurt if ya’ll don’t make Fake Shore Drive, or Rap Genius, Ruby Hornet, etc.? It’s not the end of the world honestly. What you all NEED to do is create your own blog, website, etc that show cases your music. How can ya’ll expect a blog to put ya’ll on, if ya’ll can’t even put your own selves on?

Rule #5 – Remember The Difference Between Fame And Success – So… You’re an artist with a whole lot of Twitter followers and you’re a celebrity on Instagram. Congratulations, you still ain’t shit. The difference between success and fame is simple. Fame is acquired by doing anything. Success is acquired by hard work and determination. Learn those differences, and never forget them.

Well, class is over rappers. Hope you guys learned something, and most importantly, follow those rules!

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