Rated REAL – Your Significant Other…

I figure I’d get a little personal with you all, and share a little story.
The last time I had a ”real” boyfriend was almost 2 years ago. We started off great, ended bad. One of the main reasons we broke up?
Well, let’s see… it’s always been known that I’ve had a passion for writing, but what wasn’t known is that I would take it this far. (In reality, I still ain’t shit….yet)
So I guess because of that, my ex was insecure and intimidated by my creativity, and as a result of him being insecure about what I loved to do, he was unsupportive.
So unsupportive that I remember when I first started writing for a magazine, he wouldn’t even take one and read the articles I had written. 
To make a long story short, I dropped dude like a bad habit and vowed to myself I would never let my significant other be in my life if they didn’t support what I loved to do, period.
Guess that’s (one of the reasons) why I’m still single.
Anyways…. I’m not one to give relationship advice, but when it comes to that L-word, I can speak a little on that.
Call me crazy, but I think your significant other should….
Support You No Matter What – Unsupportive significant others piss me off. Like what the hell man? How hard is it to encourage me, motivate me, let me know you’re proud of me? It’s not hard. It takes zero effort. Seriously. For example:
I’m the type to support someone 1000%, even if I don’t agree with it. For example, I once had a boyfriend who tried to do the whole “sell drugs” thing. By no means did I agree with it, but shit when he needed me to hide his stuff, I did it. When he told me certain secrets, I kept them… and when he needed reassurance, I was there. I didn’t put him down, I didn’t make him feel bad, and most importantly, I supported him, no questions asked.
Moving on. ….
 Call me even crazier, but I believe your significant other should…..
Want To See You As Successful As Much As You Do –  There is nothing worse than being with someone who doesn’t believe in you or your dream. I refuse to believe that another human being loves me, and they don’t believe in me… For example, if I told a guy I wanted to be the next Oprah, he’d better believe in it too. 
I believe a significant other should…
NOT Be INSECURE or INTIMIDATED By You – Insecurity is such an ugly personality trait. A fuck individual’s personality trait to be specific. There is nothing worse than being in a relationship with someone who’s unsupportive, doesn’t want to see you succeed, and on top of that acts like a insecure little bitch when they see you’re trying to make something out of yourself.
I believe your significant other should…
NOT Hold You Back – Ladies and gents, love from another person shouldn’t hold you back from accomplishing your dreams. Their job is to hold you down, not back. If you’re guilty of holding someone back, stop now. 
To sum this all up, here are a few tweets I made….
That being said… if you’re in a relationship with someone. Examine them. Examine you. 
Anybody can fuck you good and claim they love you,  but do they S U P P O R T you?
If the answer is no, then ask yourself this….. 
Why is this person your significant other?
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  1. I think its important to know that you supporting someone worth supporting too! You can give a person your all and then get shit in return #truestory

  2. I agree 100% support, or lack there of, can really effect a persons drive to go forward with following they're dreams. It could be the difference between Oprah and ol dude under the bridge. Lbs.

  3. It's very difficult to be in a relationship with anyone in this industry period. Great advice and personal examples. Stay positive Stay Focused #Stayblessed

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