Rated REAL – Beware Of The Future Diggers

On the difficult path in becoming rich and famous, there is another obstacle that everyone runs into,  but the one thing people fail to stay away from.
I’m talking about those future diggers.
Kween K, what’s a future digger?
Don’t trip. I’m getting to that.
According to a few sources, a future digger, is the pre-stage of gold digging.
Let’s not be confused here people. A future digger is usually of the female orientation, but is not limited to females. It’s some dudes out here who are future diggers, because I have ran into a few, and I see them all the time.
Keep this in mind though:
Nobody wants to be with an “ain’t shit” person. Everyone wants someone who is goal oriented, and works hard. Especially if you’re a goal oriented, hardworking person yourself.
Please note: Future diggers can range from your significant other to your own mother and father.
Most future diggers are lazy and unmotivated, and their goals usually center around trying to become known off someone else’s success. They have none of their own.
A future digger is just as bad as a gold digger because they only want to associate themselves with you because you’ll be successful.
You know, the whole “They only want you because you’re “next” syndrome.”

Future diggers don’t care if you’re a nice person, a bad person, or in between. They just care about the fame and riches they hope to one day get off of you.

Moral of the story people: BEWARE OF THE FUTURE DIGGERS! 
And to you future diggers out there:
How about you create your own future, instead of digging around for someone else’s? Trust me, it’s not hard.

One thing about future diggers is that they’re true colors eventually show. So dig all you want, but please remember:

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  1. Yo its sad that females are out here actin like this but we glorify the behavior with shows like Basketball wives n love n hip hop where we see women flourishin because they married, divorced, or mother of the kids of these athletes n artist. So they take the easy way out. This leads to guys bein shaky with certain females tho…this leads us to be weary of sayin i love u to a female cuz we wonder do she love me or the money i can produce…it is tragic imo real tragic

  2. Proud to say that im not a future our current gold digger. I'm either happy being broke or hustling getting my own money

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