Rated REAL – When Dating A Blogger….

I’m not sure how common it is for people to be in relationships with bloggers, but if you find yourself blessed to be with one, here’s a few things I think you should know.
1. Support Us – A simple command that not many can do.In this crazy world of blogging, we need to be loved by people who push us to succeed, and not nag us to get a “real” job. Support is everything in all types of relationship, so when dating a blogger, ask yourself if you can fully support us, because most can’t.

2. Don’t Be Insecure – Depending on how hard we work, we just might be famous, especially if we are a gossip, music, or fashion blogger. Which means we will get endless amounts of attention, simply because of what we do. If you are in a relationship with us, you cannot be jealous or insecure of the attention we receive. People will blatantly flirt with and try to pursue us, especially via social networking, but your job as the person we love is to play it cool and don’t let your insecurities hinder us from doing our job.

3. When It’s Time To Blog, Give Us Our Space – Some bloggers are very self-absorbed when it comes to writing something. Respect our craft enough to give us space when we need to get work done. We don’t need you whining and/or nagging about some quality time when we have posts to get out. Give space. We both can be happy.

4. Don’t Expect Us To Put Your Homies “On” – Just because you’re in a relationship with us does NOT mean we will automatically give your homies some shine on our blog, especially if they SUCK at what they do… They have to work just like everyone else, no exceptions! Only use us if it can be beneficial, otherwise don’t waste our time!

5. Understand That The Blog Comes Before You – A harsh, but simple reality. Running a blog is like having a child and a relationship with God all wrapped up in one. If the blogger you’re dating is passionate and serious about their craft, it will come before you. It’s nothing personal, and it doesn’t mean we like or love you any less, it’s just we love our blog even more.

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