Rated REAL – What Makes A Great Music Artist?

Today on Twitter, I was asked a very insightful question.
Although I gave him various answers within the 140 character limit, I decided to analyze that question even more with my blog.
Before I start, I want to give a little disclaimer:
Everything I list is based off pure opinion, and opinion only. 
This means that some of you may agree… 
This also means that some of you may not…
Either way it goes however,
Now, in my opinion, a great music artist is able to make music that….
Evokes Some Type Of Emotion – When I say this, I simply mean if their music can make you feel some type of when you hear it. Whether you love it, hate it, or feel indifferent towards it, if you listen to someone and you have a reaction to it, then the artist did their job.

A good music artist is….
Passionate –  If you’re not willing to sacrifice and/or die for what you do, then why do it? As fans of the music, we can see how bad you want musical success through your grind, your consistency and your dedication, which makes us want to support and listen to you more.
A great music artist….
Understands The Business Side Of Music – When I say this, I mean someone who invests in themselves through sales, marketing, promotion, image, etc. A person who invests in good quality sound, production, etc. Someone who networks with the “right” people and is professional at all times in what he or she does.
Lastly, a great music artist is..
Able To Make Great Music –  What does it mean to make great music? Well, I think great music starts with a great beat. Lyricism can matter, but depending on the concept and nature of the song, it may not matter. Some of the greatest music comes from the stupidest songs, but even if we think a song is stupid, it can still be a good song. Remember, you don’t have to be a good artist to make a “hit”
With that being said, what’s your idea of a great music artist?
What’s your idea of great music?
Leave me some comments!!!!
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  1. My great idea of music is an artist who can create songs that withstand the hands of time..make that timeless music dat ppl of diff generations can hear & know automatically..my idea of a great artist is someone who is diverse & not necessarily have to be thru a lot of trials & tribulations but have a story to tell or tell stories that appeals to they fans or a certain audience

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