Rated REAL – Who’s In Your Circle?

Behind every great person, is often a great team, or a great support system that is there to propel us forward.
The name of the game is friends, and contrary to popular belief, you need people in your circle that can help define you. 
Now I’m not a “friends” person, especially on the female tip, but I do have a small circle of intelligent individuals, who are just as goal oriented and successful as I am, if not more so. 
With that being said, I want you all to get a good look at your circle, your friends, your team, whatever you want to call people around you and think about this…
Who’s in my circle?

I don’t believe in the phrase, “birds of a feather flock together, because no two people are alike. However, I do believe that who we pick as our friends represents a trait we wished we had, or secretly have.

Moving on…. Remember this when picking friends:
No One Should Be In Your Circle If They Are Not Loyal To You – Loyalty is important in a friendship. Don’t surround yourself with unloyal people. Unloyal friends make it hard for you to separate the real from the fake, and coming from someone who has ran into many unloyal people, I know how it feels firsthand to feel like you can trust someone, only to realize that they are fake in the end. 
No One Should Be In Your Circle If They Are Jealous Of You – Jealousy is a childish trait, and if you find yourself jealous of someone you call “friend” re-evaluate yourself, because something is wrong. If you have a jealous friend, evaluate your friendship, and try to nip in the bud as quickly as possible, because if you let a jealous friend be your friend for too long, things can and will get out of control.
No One Should Be In Your Circle If They Are Fake Towards You –  A phony person may not be as blatant as the picture above, but you still have to watch. To avoid picking a phony friend, observe how they treat other people. If they gossip about people constantly, it’s a chance that they’ll gossip about you. If they do shady shit to people, it’s a chance that they’ll do shady shit to you. When choosing a circle, make it very clear that no fakes are allowed!
The most important aspect of having a circle, is determining how successful you’ll be with them… 
That being said….
No One Should Be In Your Circle If They Don’t Have A Lust For Success Like You – Call me what you want, but I think that there is no way in the world that goal oriented people should be associated with “ain’t shit” people. I believe everybody in this world has potential, but how a person takes advantage of that potential is solely up to them. When it comes to wanting success, you have to watch the company you keep, because OUR FRIENDS INFLUENCE US, whether we realize it or not. So if you notice that you’re the only one in your circle who has goals, and is working to obtain them, you have two options:
1) Motivate them to do something with their lives.
2) Stop being their friend.
Don’t make that face. Look at it this way: 
At a certain point in time in our lives, we have to learn how to eradicate the bullshit people who may hold us back, especially when we are trying to be something in life.
It’s hard enough trying to be successful, and it’s even harder trying to be successful when you’re surrounded by people who don’t have a desire to be.
With that being said, I’d like to know….
Who’s in YOUR circle?
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