Rated REAL – Music Video Rules

I feel as if this an overdue post, so I’ll get right to it.
You ever watched a music video, and it ends up turning out NOTHING like you have ever imagined?
Too often, I find myself looking this when I see a shitty video:
In other words, I’m usually very disappointed!
With that being said, here’s a few pieces of advice I’d like to give you up-and-coming, and/or seasoned videographers.
Rule #1 – Invest In The Right Equipment – I stress this phrase so much, “invest to be a success” and its true whether you want to be a blogger, rapper, or video director. For video directors, I advise you all to save your money for the best equipment money can buy. Whether it’s A1 editing software, top of the line camera, and special effects, there are certain things you need to stand out and look professional.

Rule #2 – Tell Stories Through The Camera – Dear video directors: Pointing a camera on someone watching them jig around and shake their dreads is NOT a music video. Please learn how to tell stories through the camera.
Telling stories with a camera starts with songs that have an actual story within them, but a true visionary can turn nothing into something.

Rule #3 – Never Limit Yourself –  Too often I see video directors limit themselves, meaning that they shoot videos in the same spot, with the same people, doing the same things, and they wonder why they get the same results. Even if you do not have the budget to travel all over the world, challenge yourself to explore new neighborhoods, find dope scenery. Just never limit yourself, always exceed your boundaries.

Rule #4 – Quality Is Better Than Quantity – So you’ve shot over 200 videos, but they’re all boring, low quality, and un-creative. Congratulations, you still ain’t shit. Seriously though, the quality of your work is extremely more important than the quantity. Numbers mean nothing if you constantly put out shitty work.

Concluding this, I hope someone reads this, and takes heed.
Because if I see another shitty video, I might just flip a table.
Leave them below!
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