Rated REAL – You Know Love Is TOXIC…

Today’s blog post is dedicated to someone special…. So if you’re reading this, I hope it helps you.
Let me start off by saying there is no such thing as a normal relationship. I can say the cliche shit like every relationship has arguments, disagreements, ups, downs, etc; but I’m pretty sure all of us reading this by now understands that.

Different couples tolerate different things, but I think we can all agree that there is a such thing as a healthy relationship versus a toxic relationship. Many of us have been fooled into thinking a toxic relationship is “normal”, when in reality; it’s anything but that.

If you’re reading this, all I ask is that you remember this: All relationships don’t have to be crazy.
With that being said, here are some signs that you know your love is toxic.

Your Social Life Is Limited –  You may be with someone who can’t stand the fact that you’re not around them 24/7, so they do everything they can to control your social life. In case you haven’t realized, this is BAD. No scratch that, this is TOXIC. In other to have a healthy relationship, a person has to have separate interests outside of their significant others, AND maintain relationships with friends, family, etc. 
They Are Obsessed With You – Most people confuse obsession with adoration, but please believe there is a HUGE difference. A person obsessed with you is dangerous, damn near mentally unstable and although we are all a little crazy, I bet most of us aren’t on prescription drugs for it. Obsessed people will go through many lengths to get you, have you, and stay with you, so if they can’t; you better believe no one else will be able to either. A healthy relationship realizes that the development of self-first priority is important, so there is no need to be obsessive of the one you love.
They Hinder Your Productivity – A person who is obsessive over you and limits your social life more than likely makes you unproductive, simply because he or she is always in your face. If you all haven’t realized by now, this type of behavior is TOXIC. A healthy relationship allows you to grow and develop, and encourages you to be productive, because they are secure enough in their own self to know that it’s okay to work hard and play hard.
They Force You Stay With Them – This type of person kills me, because if you love someone for real, you don’t have to force them to stay in a relationship with you. This type of person acts like “they can’t live without you” which is pretty damn funny considering that they clearly have been living quite fine before you came into the picture, but I digress. Please realize that if anyone threatens bodily harm to you, themselves, or anyone you know in order for you to stay with them, then your love is TOXIC, and you should have enough common sense and mental strength to leave them alone. 
When it comes to toxic love, it never gets better, it only gets worse. That being said,
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  1. I may be about 20 years older than most people reading this blog, but this is THE MF TRUTH! I am just learning this now at 40. You can learn it at 20. Happiness is ALL that matters in love. If you don't have it, get the F out!

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