Rated REAL – Dear Kids….

I’m gonna tell ya’ll a little story real quick.

So, I get on Facebook this past weekend, and I saw something that blew my mind.

Now, I have younger cousins who were on my Facebook friends list, and they are in 8th and 9th grade.

So I log on to Facebook right, and I almost threw my precious laptop across the room.


Well, my cousin who’s in 8th grade, thought it was cute to post a pic of herself groping her underage breasts on display to the world, with a caption that said ” Like my photo if you think this pic is some heat”

So I spazzed.  
After I embarrassed her on the net, I automatically unfriended her and left Facebook very angry and disgusted for the night.
That being said, Dear Kids:
Just because your young ass has a Facebook, does NOT mean you’re grown, or capable of taking care of yourself. I bet if I showed all ya’ll mama’s and daddies what the hell ya’ll be saying and what type of pictures ya’ll be taking, ya’ll ass wouldn’t even have a computer.
Also, learn how to spell dammit, especially if you’re going to use all types of profanity. If you can’t correctly use or spell the curse word, then your young ass shouldn’t be using it.
Oh, and ya’ll do realize that what ever ya’ll do on the internet follows you around forever right? Which means, before you Instagram something, tweet, or make a Facebook status, your young ass needs to figure out how it will affect you in the future.
AND, for you young ass little girls who like to post these “sexy” pictures…..
Have ya’ll taken out the time to read the privacy policies on these sites?
Of course not, so guess what little girlies?
Your little premature asses and titties are being publicly seen by a 40-something year old pedophile who just loves to masturbate to girls body parts under the age of 18. And damn near anything can be traced on the internet, so don’t be surprised if your young ass gets snatched up one day walking home from school.
Yup, people are that damn crazy. But ya’ll young asses don’t think about that.
That being said….

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