Rated REAL: South Loop Sound

So. By now, we are all familiar by now with what drill music is, and most of us have our favorite artists and our varied opinions of it, most of them going into three categories: you either love it, hate it, or you can turn up to it. However, drill music is not the only category Chicago artists should be put in, if they should even be categorized.

What’s The South Loop Sound? – Well, the “south loop sound” is basically all the artists that started at Harold Washington Library’s You Media center, in Chicago’s south loop. You Media is like an open mic that displays rappers, singers, poets, and everything in between. The kids who attended You Media are high school to early college age, creative as hell, most are really dope at making music. Some may describe them as weird, hipsters, hype beasts, etc; but there are artists in this genre that are definitely buzzing.

Is The South Loop Sound A Trend Like Drill Music? – I say no. Drill music is losing its luster, due to it’s mediocre lyrics, lack of content, and repetition of style and cadence in song. Basically, it’s too many people trying to be the next Chief Keef, and that lil nigga is signed already! The south loop sound however, can most likely get global, because most of the artists have an approach that most people can relate to, and not help but like. HOWEVER, if this sound is not marketed correctly, it might fade away.
Below, I found some videos of some of my favorite songs by some South Loop artists, some are old and some are new; but I hope you all enjoy!

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  1. I love both sounds but the sound from the kids at youmedia are taking over and its a positive moment everything isn't drill and all the drill rappers aren't bad either. King Louie can actually rap and so can lil durk somewhat but chief keef wont survive very long…

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