Rated REAL – Ride Or Die

So, I was tweeting away on Twitter today, when I came across an interesting tweet:
I found it pretty funny, but a lot of my followers didn’t, and I didn’t agree with that statement so I said:
So, I started subtweeting a little; (nothing disrespectful of course) and then he said:
Hence this blog post.
Now, while he is most definitely entitled to his opinion, the ideology that one type of female is greater than the other is a common theory I see most people have.

However, I see three small things wrong with that theory, and they are…

1. What You Read In Books & See In Movies Is NOT Real – Ya’ll niggas  men  boys out here really believe the things ya’ll see on TV is real huh?

Well, I hate to break it to you, but the chances of having a female in your life who does street shit (hold your guns, kill someone for you, pimp some hoes, etc) without some goofy shit happening is slim to none bruh, slim to none. Being a “gangster” and your girl being the ride or die is completely different in real life. Unless you’re selling drugs like Tony Montana; or keeping the family in check like Michael Corleone,I’m pretty sure your life isn’t a movie, so stop searching for these Hollywood women.

2. Women Are “Ride Or Dies” By Nature, Stupid – A lot of male species don’t know the ins and outs of the female makeup; but a gist of it is that women are naturally submissive and loyal, no matter where she’s from OR what she looks like. Meaning, that if she loves your ass, she’ll hold you down, no matter what “type” of female she is. 
3. What’s Hood Anyways? – I usually put people usually put in two categories: 1) Where they come from, and 2) How they act. Meaning, just because a girl is born in the hood, doesn’t mean she’ll possess hood qualities (I refuse to elaborate; ya’ll ain’t stupid dammit.) anyways, the “where you come from and how you act” theory can also be reversed. 
Moral of the story:
A woman’s loyalty to you is not measured by where she comes from or how she acts, but in the actions she displays to you through her love.

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2 thoughts on “Rated REAL – Ride Or Die

  1. Women are naturally submissive it mentions it in bible countless times…even the most independent woman can be submissive..but its stupid think she gotta be tough, hood, or dependent to be loyal to her man…but shows how blind ppl are n how devil tries to twist the word to make society think only certain women can be loyal…smh-Chris Jay

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