Rated REAL – Dear Secret Admirers

So, I was going to originally name this piece “Control Yo Bitches” but I decided against it for many reasons, namely because it’s not the guys fault that the females they are involved with are some no life having broads who just love to follow me on Twitter simply because I made the God awful mistake of tweeting their boyfriends…baby daddies…, etc.
So to refrain from calling you all bitches, I will now refer to you all as my secret admirers, because that’s what ya’ll do, secretly admire me, what I do, who I talk to, who I tweet, etc.
Although I find my secret admirer’s antics humorous sometimes, a majority of the time it’s annoying, and it’s definitely NOT ok, so I decided to give you broads a few tips, because I have my days where I lose my censorship and self control, and the last thing any of you girls would want is for me to embarrass ya’ll or call ya’ll out via Twitter, simply because I KNOW ya’ll stalk me.
That being said,
Dear Secret Admirers….
Insecurity Is Not Attractive – I warned ya’ll about dating people in the music industry. I said, if you weren’t “about this life” “easily jealous” etc, then dating a rapper, etc is not the move for you. See, I’m not sure that you females understand what my line of work entails, but if your boyfriend or whatever is a rapper, producer, DJ, etc, then 9 times out of 10 we are going to converse, to interchangeably use our businesses for one another. Nonetheless,  following me to see what’s going on shows that you’re insecure, and not cool at all. You have a position in his life for a reason, so play it, and stop being insecure.
You Need A Hobby – I believe that you broads follow me on Twitter and such because you have no day jobs or hobbies, which is not a good thing, because as that old saying goes, an idle mind is the devil’s playground. To put it simply, when you don’t have shit to do with your life, and you think of ways to be petty.
You Need To Grow Up – I don’t care how old you are, if you follow someone on a social networking site simply because they tweet the person you’re involved with, you are a little girl, and if you’re above the age of 21, that’s super bad. A WOMAN has better things to do than try and keep up with what her “man” is doing, so even though I’m only 18 years old, I’m more womanly than YOU.

He’s Cheating On You… Just Not With Me – This doesn’t need an elaborate explanation, but just know this: Just because you see me and your guy tweeting back and forth, doesn’t mean I’m the side hoe…. yeah, he’s cheating on you… just not with me. That being said, investigate further, just leave me out of it.

So now that ya’ll have figured out that ya’ll are insecure, idle, childish, and I’M not the one he’s cheating on you with, what are you going to do? Well, honestly, I don’t care what you do, just DON’T follow THIS Twitter account.
Questions? Comments? Concerns? 
Leave them below.
And… (if you’re not a secret admirer of course)

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  1. Preach!! This is true…females r too insecure waaay to insecure…n then get mad at the female instead they man if he got females in his mentions..But Kween u in no wrong u doin business n these insecure females dont understand that sadlyN then females try to hard watch over what they man do on social media its crazy…even hackin into his page to say off the wall things…or check his messages or even delete the hoes on his page…the insecurity among these females is crazy now a days

  2. Lawd Jeezus you done spoke the truth! It sucks having stalkers bruh. They just follow me and follow me, and don't even speak!

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