Rated REAL – History Repeats Itself

Let’s start off with an educational story I’m sure a lot of you all didn’t know.

According to a few different Google searches, there was a woman by the name of Sarah Baartman who was  of Khoisan descent in Africa. One day while working as a slave for a Dutch farmer in Cape Town, Sarah was approached by an Englishman to take a tour of Europe, where she would gain riches and fame.

Sarah was offered this opportunity because of her “unusual” physical features, most notably her large ass and hips, and also her elongated labia. For those that don’t know, an elongated labia is basically the extra skin hanging from the inner lips of a woman’s vagina, a physical feature that is common in most Khoisan women.

Anyways, Sarah Baartman agreed to accompany the man who approached her, figuring that anything was better than being a slave. What she didn’t know was that she’d be treated like a circus act. What she didn’t know is that she’d be ostracized and humiliated. What she didn’t know was that when the Europeans got bored with her, she would be stuck in Europe, with no home, no friends, no family. And I’m sure she didn’t know that she would die at the age of 25…

When she died, her skeleton was removed, her genitals were removed and placed in a pickle jar, and a death cast was made of her body.  Her remains were on display in a museum in Paris, up until 1985, and even still she wasn’t properly laid to rest until 2002, back in Cape Town.

All of that happened in the early 1800’s. However, in the year of 2013; I see a bunch of females walking around, SELLING THEMSELVES or getting SOLD like modern-day Sarah Baartman’s..

Don’t believe me? Well, look at your modern day…

  • Strippers
  • “Professional Twerkers”
  • Video “Models”
  • Musical Entertainers
  • Porn Stars

A lot of ya’ll might justify the way these type of women portray their bodies as acceptable because they are getting paid. However, as we look back on the Sarah Baartman story, we realize that you can have all the money in the world, and still die with no dignity. No self-respect. Or a true sense of self worth.

I think many don’t realize how accurately history repeats itself, the only real change is technology. Women get into certain industries thinking that they’ll be praised and paid; but honestly they are getting ostracized and ridiculed. The modern day woman is still looked at as a circus freak, a sexual and anthropological curiosity, only useful for entertainment and sexual satisfaction. But as long as they’re getting paid, it’s okay right?

I’m appalled at what history has done to black women, but I’m even more appalled as to what black women do to ourselves…. but I’ll let you guys be the judge.


And as always….

R.I.P. Sarah Baartman.

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