Krowned: Will Is Chillin – 2 Cents

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KWEEN K’S DISCLAIMER: I don’t have the balls, the time, or the patience to do the best _____ whatever in Chicago, but I have a few people on my team who do. That being said, the post below does NOT reflect my opinion or input, nor does it reflect the opinion of this blog. If you are over-sensitive, I suggest you don’t read this post. Also, direct all your questions, comments and concerns to the writer, NOT me because I did NOT write this. Please note that this is a GUEST post. You may now proceed.

DISCLAIMER: This list is to be judge solely off of talent alone and not popularity in anyway shape or form. The list chronicles emcees that I feel bring it to the mic each and every time no matter the song or feature.
It is near impossible to listen to every rapper in Chicago so I did research based on the ones I am familiar with or hear about often. A good portion of the people on this list I know personally as well, but that is here nor there.
If you disagree with the placement of an artist on a list how about you give the one of above or below them a listen first before you judge, all of these artists have music that can be easily found through the use of Google or Youtube. Study the test first and then you shall pass.
All-in-all, remember that this list is nothing but my opinion take it or leave. No different than the lists any blog ever does don’t catch any feelings.
1.) Ern Cobain | @ErnCobain
2.) Vic Spencer | @VicSpencer
3.) Jay Jeff | @jayjeffwins
4.) Jay Fresco | @JayFrescoWWR
5.) Murph Watkins | @MurphWatkins
6.) Legit | @chicagolives
7.) Vic Mensa | @VicMensa
8.) Calez | @CalezCeito
9.) Pavy | @Pavyworld
10.) Marty Creole | @martycreole
11.) Kain | @cracko_Kain
12.) Chance The Rapper | @chancetherapper
13.) Dreezy | @dreezydreezy
14.) Tink | @Official_Tink
15.) Monster Mike | (Micheal Okeke)
16.) Alex Wiley | @Alex_Wiley
17.) Show You Suck | @ShowYouSuck
18.) Lavish Mzck | @PassionKills_
19.) E-Man | @eman_amg
20.) Kembe X | @KEMBE_X
Notabale Mentions
Dave Amazin | @daveamazin
Mic Taylor | @MTaylorAG
Von Tha G | @VonThaG
Caleb James | @calebjamesFBSM
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