Rated REAL: Strippers & Vixens {Guest Post}

Disclaimer: Please note that this post is purely of my own personal opinion, and it is not meant to offend anyone. However, if any of the words in here DO offend any of you, please know that I really don’t give a damn.

social stigma – severe social disapproval of personal characteristics or beliefs that are perceived to be against cultural norms.

We are seeing a complete reversal of that definition in this generation when it comes to the two “professions” I am about to detail.

In the last few years, I, as well as many others, have noticed a strange increase in the number of women that have decided to make exotic dancing (aka stripping) as their professional occupation. Many women resort to it because they have “no other option.” They may have a child (or children) to support or have outstanding student loans that may need to be paid off. Some see it as a means to get money at an easier and faster rate. That minimum wage 9-5 at McDonald’s isn’t enough for those women with tastes for the “finer things” in life.

I have also noticed something even stranger: the increasing number of women that get what they want by occupying the oldest profession in the book. That’s right, they’re prostituting. Or, for lack of a softer word, vixens. We read and hear about these women all the time in the media; Karrine Steffans, Miss Hawaii, Candy Deepthroat, Kat Stacks, and some could even make an argument for Kim Kardashian. Some of you may know some local, lesser-known vixens. They sleep with any famous music artist, athlete, or actor they can find in order to get money and make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry.

And that isn’t even the strangest thing. Perhaps the strangest thing about both of these “professions” is that…people are okay with this. People actually support these women and contribute to their wealth. I’m sorry, but….WHAT!?! People actually find it cool to support strippers and vixens, yet they try to down the girl in college trying to respectably make something of herself? It’s okay for a woman to degrade herself by stripping off her clothes and showing off her voluptuous body to perverted old (and most likely, married) men!? It’s okay for her to sell her vagina for a quick paycheck? “But Michael! She’s doing her and making money, so what’s the problem? She’s keeping her paper up, so it shouldn’t matter who she’s sleeping with or showing her body off to, right?”

No, FUCK THAT. Why can’t that same aspiration to be a stripper or a hoe be used to find a more real and respectable job or get a college (or high school) education? Why can’t that undying support system be the same system used by the struggling college girl that actually wants to do something positive with her life and be a doctor or lawyer? Is the long and tiring process of getting an education or finding a respectable job THAT much of a turn-off that women feel like they have to degrade themselves in order make a living?

Let’s play the blame game for a minute here. Who can we truly say is responsible for the lives these women choose for themselves? Do we blame our capitalist American society in which only the rich are truly able to survive, leaving them no choice? Or should the blame be completely shouldered on the media and its portrayal of women and their sex appeal? Truth be told, it is a combination of both those factors as well as several others, but I won’t get into all of them right now. The cost of living in this country is just too damn high for people of low income to make any feasible attempt of having a good life for themselves and their family. In addition to that, numerous rappers and other music artists make quips about wanting a big booty hoe or throwing racks in the strip club in almost every song you hear on the radio, and there are also films, television shows, and videos that portray women in a stigmatizing way. But guess which of those factors people would rather put 100% of the blame on?

In conclusion, I just find it very, VERY disturbing that people support this type of degradation, and it speaks VOLUMES on how men in this society see women. And for those that are supportive of strippers and vixens, PLEASE ask yourself this question: What if your little daughter came to you and said she wanted to be a stripper? Or wanted to sleep her way to the top?

Michael Pamon is an aspiring writer, director, film maker, and social commentator  determined to promote positive images of the African-American community through various platforms of media. Follow him on Twitter @KingPamon28.  Visit his blog here.

3 thoughts on “Rated REAL: Strippers & Vixens {Guest Post}

  1. I guess i be first to challenge..oops i mean comment..lol but i actually agree with this statement…but sadly this is how females of our generation percieve themselves getting paid. Now strippin isnt exactly a thing for me to approve of but i know some strippers who have a 9to5 n strip just to make ends meet or in college tryin help tuition cost(its quite a few in Columbia) is it right hell no..but if its a last resort do i respect female who is doin it to help herself make ends meet or continue her education as long she not glorifyin itNow vixens…BLAME THAT ON SUPERHEAD ALTOGETHER! She literally made it cool to be a video hoe she showed how to get bank off bein a hoe! She a wrote a book on bein hoe! We know her as a hoe! N it doesnt help rappers mention her on music! N for a female to follow her footsteps they need to feel low in self esteem department or really big headed that she needs male attention like that! N fact she make money off that! Isnt a good look! Women like superhead has no conscious or soul n so freakin lost that not even superman can save em! Jesus has to work a sweat just to get them to salvation! But females see them gettin money n think well its easy to spread my legs so ay! But little do they know! These rappers are laughin at em! N so are we with! At end of the day! Fathers hug your daughters!

  2. Some shxt (stripping) is LAST resort . Thats human instict…..survival. But some girls aspire to be vixens and industry girls because they don't see what the girls do to get that new Chanel bag or the latest Gucci pumps. All they see is the materials these females have and who wouldn't want tht?? The same goes for guys, all they see is rappers with unlimited cash, females, cars, weed, bottles …….. Nobody sees the behind the scenes. I respect a female hustler that realizes she doesn't have to go straight to her body as second choice. I mean if college doesn't work for me, my plan B isn't stripping. But i GUARANTEE a guy would go for the typical "bad bxtch" over the nurse (me) -chani

  3. I can only say that in the entertainment and media industry it is dominated by males and they only paying attention to money and sex. Women have to work 10 times harder to get the recognition they deserve and they money they are owed. I have been told countless times that i would make tons of cash shaking my behind but writing is my passion, not money.

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