Rated REAL: Why You Come To College.

Ok, as you all may know (or may not know) I am currently in my second semester of being a first year college student, and if ya’ll have been following the blog, you all know that I talked MAD shit about it.
From the people in college, to the purpose of a college degree, I was cynical of it ALL.
Until recently, I suddenly had a change of heart. And I realized….the real reason why we come to college.

For most of us, it has been drilled into our heads since birth that we are supposed to graduate high school, go to college, get a degree, and then get a job and live your adult life.
Sounds boring right? Right!

Well, I’m here to tell you all that we’ve been misinformed all our lives. The lifestyle I’ve described is what I call settling, and I’m sure those of us who have many hopes, dreams, and aspirations do NOT want to settle.
Don’t get me wrong, a higher education is not for everyone. However, most of us are not lucky enough to become rich and famous CEO’s of billion dollar companies, so in this world; higher education is a must, depending on what you want to do.

So you ask,  why am I in college?
 What’s the point of going? Why spend all that money just to get a job, just to pay back college loans? Why waste my time?

Well…. First off, if you think the point of college is to just get a job, you’ve failed. College is not for a job, unless you are attending a technical or vocational school.

Secondly, You come to college to learn some type of knowledge and APPLY it. Whatever you learn, you are supposed to make sure it’s useful enough to transform your environment, and influence others.

As young adults, we have to learn how to humble ourselves. If we have the opportunity to get an education, then we need to get it by any means necessary.  People before us were never granted the opportunity to go to college, but here we are doubting ourselves because we don’t want to wake up early, go to boring classes, or be in debt. 

I live in a generation where no one wants to grind and work for what they need.  Sometimes, you need that piece of paper or few pieces of paper to survive. I feel if a person isn’t equipped with the right tools, then they will not be able to take care of themselves or a future family adequately.

You come to college to struggle now, and become champions in the end. The lessons you learn in this time period will shape you as you progress in life. 

So, now I pose this question:

Why are you in college?

If you’re not in college, what’s holding you back?

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  1. Amen! I agree with u on this! I am worried bout them debts n crp but i know at end im blessed to be in position i am in simply because there are life lessons that will show me how to make it in life

  2. I Tried College…Didnt Give Up On It But School Aint For Me..I Love College But Im Not A College Nigga I Cant See Myself Working Behind A Desk, Or Having A 9 TO 5 All My LIFE Or Atleast 30 Years Til I Can Retire Off 40% Of That…Thats Prolly Koo To Most People But I Want More…So Shit Ima Get & Get My Own Way…Working For Myself….Who Said You Have To Go To College To Obtain Knowledge, Not Saying I Dont Agree With You But With Todays Technology You Can Obtain 80% Of Whats Taught Your First Two Years In College Over The World Wide Web, The Internet Contains Billions Of Information That You Can Find At A Click Of A Button For Free, For Example..YOUTUBE…People Learn How To Do Thousands Of Things A Day On Youtube, The Share Of Information is SO Great That You Could Possibly Find Out Anything You Would Like To Know From Youtube, Not Saying You Will Find A Credible Source But Hey lol You Can Believe What You Want But Thats Was My Lil 2 Cents, I Enjoyed This Post Kidd Keep It Up #ElevatedSuccess

  3. Well if you aren't worried about debt you are being too nonchalant because college, along with it's loans and grants, tie right into the economical system. With jobs for college students specifically being scarce, debt is something to think about.If you can't find a job, the government doesn't give a fuck. They want money so it is something to consider. And in a sense, you do go to college to get a job. A vocational/technical/etc. school trains you for a specific job, college gives you basic knowledge, prereqs,then major classes that essentially train you for your occupation. You do have to think for yourself, but a lot of the parameters are there for you. And you are given an opportunity, but it's definitely not an equal one around the board. Also, the past generations have been able to go to college, and financially, they actually capitalized off of the government's benefits. There are a lot of upsides, some which you said, but they aren't great enough to engulf the other side.

  4. Good stuff. There is no '30 and I'm straight'. As long as you live it will be a grind. Multi millionaires have debt. Debt is part of what keeps our grind alive. Education is critical to survival. Some might not be college ready, but to make it out here, you better know how to talk to people, work in teams, build great relationships, sell, articulate, and execute. All skills that need to be developed somewhere. College is great community for learning and networking. The debt, that's the price you pay; and you will pay, one way or another.

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