Rated REAL – A Plan Is Better Than No Plan..

A federal judge finally ruled something that could help women, and I for one am happy. According to ABC News, Judge Edward Korman ruled for the FDA to allow the sale of emergency contraception called Plan B to be sold over the counter for girls 17 and under, without a prior prescription. As expected however, there has been lot’s of controversial opinions surrounding this ruling.
Many feel like girls will do everything from abuse the actual use of the pill, to feeling like STD rates would rise. I however, disagree with all the negativity surrounding the Plan B pill.
I firmly believe that when a young woman makes the decision (or is forced) into becoming sexually active, then she needs options. The young woman should be able to define the terms in which she lives in, and if she can’t control what goes in and out her body, what gives anybody else the right to?
In my opinion, selling Plan B over the counter is a good idea for various reasons. One major reason is I think it would encourage more young girls to take responsibility for their actions sexually. Don’t confuse this pill for being the “abortion pill” because it’s not. Sure, a woman can choose to be abstinent, choose to make whomever she’s having sex with use a condom, or choose to get on traditional birth control. But condoms break. Some don’t simply want to be abstinent and some don’t want to deal with the hassles of traditional birth control. Sure people can say that it would encourage poor sexual behavior, and it should
be denied, but if we know anything about the government denying the use of certain drugs, we know that’s not a good idea!
Secondly, Plan B being sold without a prescription is a good idea because it makes the time lapse to handle a situation shorter. In the past, I’m pretty sure that whatever circumstances surrounding the need for a woman to get the pill wasn’t easy because 1) she had to be 17 and older, and 2) she needed a prescription. If you don’t have a personal physician that you can see whenever you want, then it’s pretty hard trying to get a doctor’s appointment or clinic visit on such short notice. By the time a woman gets all that done and makes it to her local Walgreens or CVS, she’s probably pregnant, and it would no longer be a need for the pill. As I stated, Plan B is not the “abortion pill” so it can’t get rid of existing pregnancies. I feel that if the pill was readily available, situations could be handled in a timely and efficient manner.
Thirdly, selling the Plan B without a prescription is a good idea because it saves the embarrassment of having to tell your parent’s that you’re having sex. On one hand, I feel like open communication about sex with your parents is vital, but honestly most can’t handle that without passing judgement, and won’t offer any help. If a woman doesn’t have any help, she must help herself. With that being said, make the Plan B pill available to all. Besides, it’s her body dammit.
I mean, A plan is better than NO plan right? Right.
For more info surrounding the controversy surrounding this pill check out these links:
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  1. YAAAAAS YAAAAAS! Now i can bust with no worries n hand a thot this here pill! Lmbo! Lemme stop im no longer havin sex waitin for marriage like a real man should..But seriously this is good..its not exactly abortion which im against it just terminates the chance of gettin pregnant before it gets critical. Good thing..i just hope it doesnt encourage guys to bust freely or not wear condoms..n females not to encourage dudes to wear condoms or even bust in them..i hope it forces females to be responsible sexually cus im sure it will hella embarrassing to be constantly goin to cvs or walgreens buyin this pill

  2. Some of the dumbest stuff is controlled by the government, when things like the plan B pill was a personal issue in the first place. These "men" in government and over protective parents that were against it can move to the left!

  3. I hear you although I don't agree with everything in your post. And having said that, what stock symbol should I be looking for? Huge opportunity to get paid. #ImJustSaying

  4. I'd have to agree with your arguments, Kween. I do believe that women, irrespective of their age should have autonomy over their bodies and what goes in it. However, as someone who looks forward to motherhood one day, I cannot imagine how I'd feel if I found out that my daughter was taking the Plan B pill without consulting me first. Nonetheless, I believe the larger issue isn't about how old the girl is or if she's asking her parents advice. Rather, it comes down to whether or not she's seeking out and using the pill responsibly. Having unprotected sex, then relying on these pills to prevent pregnancy simply because you have easier access to them poses tremendous threat. Overall, my concern is that young women who oftentimes don't feel comfortable discussing sex, contraception, etc. with adults will ultimately abuse the Plan B pill. And that's the scariest part of it all.

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