Rated REAL – Call Out To My Black Ladies.. Written By @Deep_Chris_Jay


I love black women! I do not fear you all as people, but I fear the direction many are heading! Black women to me are most beautiful, powerful, independent, loving women on Earth. I tried dating outside my race a few times and I always went back to my black queens. Black women in past had it as rough as some black men. Not only did black women have to deal with oppression from white folks, but even black men. Black women had to work just as hard to prove themselves in areas in life to be something other then objects of affection. When I look at the history of black women, it makes me attracted to them so much more simply because black women are so mentally powerful and willing.  I love me a strong woman; it is beautiful quality. Another thing was they wanted to be respected! They carried themselves with respect, with a unique swagger that called for attention but lead to respect. I LOVE BLACK WOMEN! Black women were key to black people getting better rights.  But some qualities these new black girls are showing are mighty scary!


WHERE ARE THE BLACK WOMEN WHO WANT TO BE RESPECTED! WANT TO BE LEADERS! MAKE AN IMPACT! MAKE THESE NEW NIGGAS (As I like to call them)  BE MEN! Damn! Many black women have given in to this culture of ratchetness:

  •  Degrading themselves.
  • Excessive partying, drinking, and smoking.
  • Having a bunch of sex. 
  • Looking for love in all the wrong wrong places.

  • Becoming respectable, ideal, beautiful inside (not just outside) black women! 


Ya’ll have no morals anymore! Black Women revolutionaries are probably shaking they heads and rolling in there graves at behavior many black ladies show now a days! This ratchetness culture, this lust over love mentality, more partying then learning, baby mommas over being wives(not “wifey” but a wife) ETC ETC! It’s literally scary!


 Yes, I can admit many black men aren’t doing their job! But ya’ll behavior doesn’t help the situation at all! How can you expect black men to get better if black women aren’t doing any better? God made Eve by using Adam’s rib! Women are a piece of men, and we are forever connected because of that! Through that connection I feel we need to keep each other in check! Black men make sure women are respectable and black women especially keep us men in check! Yet now we lost all care in world. Black women want a good man and complain that there are no good black men! That’s because many of these females aren’t making a dude work! This where morals and values come into play! Make a dude work we will do whatever for it! Even sex! Yes, as a man of God I have to wait for sex! But I need a woman to make me want to put a ring on it so I can do what it do after that reception and all that junk! Females close yo legs and open your heads! It’s up to ya’ll to keep a man in check..Eve influenced Adam to eat the apple! See what I’m talking about there!

I’m just saying ladies get it together..black women are almost a joke now..and to find a good one is tough! One I found II still love to death and we not together right now! But she set standard for every female I’ve ever met! And I have yet to find a black woman to come close! It used to be more good black women then black men, but it got to point where there is not many either of both.

Christian Jefferson is a multi-talented young man of God from Chicago who does everything from write music and poetry to host radio shows and other entertainment oriented events. Follow him on Twitter @Deep_Chris_Jay
Well ladies… is Chris Jay right? Are black women really heading down a path of destruction? Is it our job to keep men in check? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

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  1. As a Black woman living among this generation I would have to say "no." No, Chris Jay is not right. Black women are not heading down a path of destruction, and no, it is definitely not our responsibility to keep men in check. I disagree with most of what was written in this post, primarily because it's coming from a Black man who has an immature mindset and clearly hasn't studied Black women close enough. From what's stated in this post, it's frighteningly obvious that he's looking for a woman to keep him on track and police his behavior…as if she's his mother.Another thing, Chris Jay seems to have a very narrow, patriarchal mindset about women in general. This is the 21st century and women should not have to worry about keeping her "legs closed" so she can get a man. Women are entitled to have a sexual appetite and satisfy it just like men. "Having a bunch of sex" does not make any woman less of a woman. Perhaps in the future his energy should be redirected to preaching to young Black men of this generation and their shortcomings–not Black women's. I could go on and on, but I'd rather stop here before going on a real tangent. Be sure to stop visit TheRealMissDrea Daily via http://therealmissdrea.com –Drea

  2. Seems i pinched a nerve…now for one dont attack me sayin im immature,attack my knowledge, n my interest in women!. For one im quite a good person and been independent for longest i dont need a women to mother me but a women is supposed keep her man held down n on right track because as a man we can get prideful n think we are on doin right but actually not..so chillNext i can call out short comings of black males n it is obvious..i clearly mentioned black males aint doin well either n it just happens that black women are goin down that road also. If you are doin what u are supposed to do then, dont get angry i can tell you are a bright intelligent woman and i applaud that. Next the women need to close they legs. Yes women have the right to have a sexual feelings..but when yall put important stuff like education, your self dignity, etc under the bus for a bunch of sex then it shows hoish qualities which is unattractive. Same way females dont want a dude who has slept with multiple females dude still a ho. Im just sayin from outlook that it is a solid portion of black women goin down a dangerous path that it is overshadowing the good black women are doin

  3. well clearly she's not a women of God because open of your legs before marriage is wrong and you shouldn't go around partying, having sex etc. Chris I agree women today need to get it together focus on school and a career before guy, money and weed. GREAT READ DON'T LET UNGODLY AND IMMATURE WOMEN CHANGE THAT! you must hav3 pointed out facts about her but great job 🙂 -Tina

  4. I disagree with this article as well. I can see that you understand the plight and experiences of black women, but I'm sick of black men harping on black women about what we're doing wrong. I'm also tired of Christians who want to judge people for sinning differently than how they sin. Black women may not be where you want us to be, but not every woman in the early 20th, late 19th century wanted to abide by Victorian ideals of respectability either. It was middle class black people who thought being pious and valuing education would get them their rights and status as first-class citizens; it didn't always happen and strategies changed. And now that we're in the 21st century, I don't see any reason to have to be sexually repressed or not engage in some fun. It's fine to want to act like a lady, and be educated, but if I want to have sex with whomever, that is my prerogative. And there's no way a man should even comment on what women are doing because women don't tell men how to act.

  5. YOU A WHOLE THOT! SO WHEN DID GOING AROUND SLEEPING WITH PEOPLE BECOME FUN? Yall neeed standards and morals! and what does that Christian statement has to do with anything? Nothing you mad because you saw yourself in this article! Open up a book ans close your legs it'd pretty simple! -Tina

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