Rated REAL – 5 Traits Of A " Bad Bitch" Written By @thatbroadKIM

*Kween K’s Disclaimer* The term ”bad bitch is to be taken with a satirical grain of salt. That is all.
At first, I was gonna rebuttal @Deep_Chris_Jay and his post about women checking men.. I’ll get back to him though.
In 2013, there’s a lot of women claiming to be what I’d like to call a “Bad Bitch”. Reality TV, these celebrity chicks; I even see a lot of twitter chicks trying to rise to the standard. Some succeed, most don’t  For a while, I too went through my “wanna be a bad bitch” phase- thinking that the clothes, heels, makeup, and accessories matter. They do to an extent, but only to the extent that it shows an outside appearance of order. I’m going to get to that though.
First,  I’m going to tackle what being a “Bad Bitch” truly means…
1st trait of a Bad Bitch? She has what I like to call “order”.
Bad Bitches are working towards an ultimate goal of not being seen, but making a difference. She is educated (not only through the system but with common sense), articulate, and she clearly brings a lot to the table. Ask her about her goals and dreams and if she has a passion for something other than shopping, she is well on her way to bad bitch status.
Wanting to be a model is NOT ENOUGH. Let me say that again: WANTING TO MODEL IS NOT ENOUGH. If that is the case, please come correct with a professional portfolio. & NOT BATHROOM SINK BOOTY PICS.
Trait #2. A Bad Bitch takes care of herself.
Now this is something you can see. She’s not at the gym just to take selfies, she’s not out here “blowin loud” and bragging about it… she cares about not only her body, but her outer AND inner appearance.
The other day I was having a conversation with a friend and they brought up that women lack so much self respect, they don’t even cross their legs anymore. & the next day I see a girl on the train with a skirt on, legs open. Women have lost certain ideas of what matters. In 2013, BEING CLASSY STILL HOLDS IMPORTANCE. Don’t get it twisted.
Let me also explain what I mean by inner appearance. A woman who cares about her inner appearance takes care to respect others and is always looking for ways to improve self. She is kind and courteous, never loud for no reason, and stays in her lane whenever possible. Being rude is not in her character. The vast majority of the “Bad Bitches” I’ve seen these girls idolize have some of the worst snotty attitudes in the world. That ain’t cute.
I may get a ton of backlash from this, but I do believe a bad bitch doesn’t have to be religious, but she does carry with her some sort of spirituality. Spiritual growth is a sign of maturity. If she shows it in ways that aren’t forced, that almost always means she has a clear interest in and sight of her worth and her purpose.
Bad Bitch trait #3? She is a wise spender.
Women who understand the value of investment are EVERYTHING.
Her net worth and assets also total to a lot more than that sow in. Self explanatory.
She shops, yes. She shops for things she knows she cant afford? Probably not. I see a ton of you “Bad Bitches” showing out beyond your means. Girl.
Trait #4. quality of what a Bad Bitch wears is VERY important.
You can’t be a bad bitch rocking the 9.99 joint from Chernin’s Shoe Outlet. You just cant. I drove past the one by my crib one day and saw a group of chicks I swore had it together walking out with a “two for” deal. I was so disappointed!
Now, Imma elaborate, cuz I do believe that clothing and shoes matter. It’s how you represent yourself. & a lot of you “bad bitches” doing it all wrong. Wearing clothes that don’t fit because you wanna be “thick”, wearing ugly ass glitter heels…
It be some horrible ass outfits at Shrine Saturdays. Imma just say that.
Last, but not least, #5. YOU CANNOT BE A BAD BITCH WITH NO JOB!!!
How you a bad bitch but unemployed and on every bit of public assistance (WIC, LINK card, and whatever else)…?? I’m sleep though
So there you have it. A list of 5 admirable traits of what a “Bad Bitch” really is. Like, comment, and hit me with what you feel like should’ve been up here. Peace and Love =)
Kim Collins is a 22 year old project manager of M.A.P. Records based in Chicago. Hit her up on Twitter @thatbroadKIM

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  1. Hey this ya Chris Jay!Great article..i enjoyed it..liked how u turned the phrase Bad Bitxh into something positive even though i dislike women refering to themselves as Bitxhes altogether. Its is a bad phrase to call thyself but thats for another day..once again great article and i am interested in what you have to say about my blog post

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