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About a week ago, I made  this Facebook status
And whether or not you agree, it’s apparent that while people need mental help, there is limited access to the help, and even if access wasn’t limited, there is such a negative stigma associated with mental illness that people aren’t encouraged to get help, so instead they cope with their issues in the most terrible ways.
The Stigmas
In a study I found, 63% of black people view depression as a sign of weakness. I can’t say I’m surprised however, considering that black women are portrayed as the strong, hold-it-down for everyone types and black men are told that they shouldn’t cry, or show any other type of emotion.
Also…. who wants to be considered crazy? I believe most individuals don’t seek the help that they need because society unfortunately outcasts them, making an individual feel as if it’s their fault that certain parts of their brain don’t work “normally”.
Nonetheless, having a mental health issue is swept under the rug, people are either misdiagnosed or over diagnosed, ridiculed if they want to seek help, or exploited in the media if they have sought help.
Truth be told, all of us may know someone who has been diagnosed with mental illnesses such as bi-polarism, schizophrenia, etc. All of us may have treated them like they are either menaces to society, or pacified and coddled them to the point where they can’t properly function on their own.
Why Should We Get Mental Help?
Even if your issue is not severe, it’s still good to talk to somebody. Depression for example, is something that shouldn’t be faced alone. No matter how strong you think you are, certain things shouldn’t be bottled up & everyone needs a release. Besides, if your behavior is harmful to you or others, then you need help. Life is already hard, let’s not make it harder by ignoring signs of distress. I know everything I just said is easier said than done, but if you really want to be happy in life, you’ll take the necessary steps to do so.
The Solution 
In a perfect world, the simple solution would be to have affordable health clinics in urban communities. But let’s just pretend that we do live in a perfect world & think about the positivity that would come from this, such as:
-We would have child psychologists that actually know what the hell they’re doing, and actually help our children, & have better options other than mind-altering medications and poor therapeutic skills.
-We would defy the negative stigmas associated with mental illness and prove to the people that deal with them that they are human, and that they deserve to be loved, respected, and honored.
-We wouldn’t ostracize or outcast them either.
– We would educate ourselves about mental illnesses AND the ones suffering from them. (Many are told that there’s something wrong with them, but never are told how to cope properly, or what having a mental illness even means)
And if you want to see senseless violence take steps toward being stopped, then mental help is needed.
I’m tired of seeing children getting massacred because of someone who didn’t get the help they deserved…. we need help..so let’s take the steps to get some.
What do you think about people with severe or minor mental health issues?
What do you think can help them?
Do you think violence and mental health issues are related to each other?
Any other thoughts on this piece?
Leave them below!
And as always….

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  1. Mental illness is a touchy subject. I believe that it's not more of an illness but how a person is raised and what type of enviornment. This is an what creates certain behaviors or how I think of it as more as habits that the person has developed through time usually from an early age. I'm far from an expert but its hard to prove that a person was born a certain way. I also think its more of a communication issue as well. Like you said if you are diagnosed with a mental illness society will shun and almost ridicule you because they don't understand. So there for it makes what the person is dealing with even harder because they feel alone. But this is me on the outside looking in. The factors would have to be in my eyes, environment, experiences through life from birth, and communication. It's hard to control all three in multiple people's lives its kind of why I think more funds for mental illness will not make a difference. You touch some but not to many.@wasnt4u2like

  2. Hnmm I kind of agree yet I feel violence has more to people not giving a damn…n bein desensitive to death n killing. Mental illness may play a part though cus with anger management, bi polar, and etc cats never learn to control it which leads to a lot of issues n those problems comin out the wrong way

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