Rated REAL – Dear Female Artists

Dear female artists,
First and foremost, I would like to thank you all for choosing to express yourselves through music. That is such a courageous thing to do, and I’m pretty sure you all  will one day inspire many girls and women to do whatever it is they set out to do in life. I hope you all become successful in your musical endeavors. However, every great artist needs advice, and constructive criticism, so here it is:
PRIORITIZE –  To have a successful music career, one must always set aside time to do what they love the most. Obsess over your craft. You singing or rapping should never be put on the back burner. How are people supposed to know that you’re serious, if you’d rather sleep than be in the studio; or rather party than perform somewhere? Prioritizing is everything.PERFECT YOUR CRAFT –You don’t want to be mediocre at what you do, you want to be great at what you do. Therefore, you know perfecting your craft is essential. If you’re a singer, invest in voice lessons. If you’re a rapper, read the dictionary to come up with new words. Practice performing. Practice dance moves. There is always something that can be done to make you better, if you’re serious.

INVEST IN YOURSELF – You need money to do everything, unless you’re into trading sexual favors for what you want. I assume most of you aren’t though (hopefully), so you will need some type of employment to invest in yourself. Favors only go so far and nothing in this world is truly free. You must invest in yourself, to become a success for yourself.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR IMAGE – Image is everything for an artist, especially for a woman. Take care of your inner and outer beauty. If you know certain foods make your skin breakout, don’t eat them. If you sing, try not to smoke weed or cigarettes at all, or at least do it to a minimum. Don’t become a sloppy drunk. Protect yourself sexually. Go to the doctor regularly if you’re blessed with health insurance, or look up ways to stay stress free and healthy via the internet. Keep your nails done, hair done, a nice outfit. Always look put together, and as a woman; you don’t have to drop thousands of dollars to do that.

STAY CONSISTENT – There is nothing worse than an inconsistent artist. Inconsistency shows lack of dedication to your craft, and your fan base. I’m not saying you should drop a new song everyday, but that doesn’t mean drop a track, poorly promote it, and then don’t drop anything else until six months later. How dumb is that? You don’t seem serious if you do that. If you drop an album, promote it heavily, especially the leading singles. Drop videos and perform places if you can. No matter what, never sit on your ass and let your music career become idle!

BUILD YOUR OWN BRAND, DON’T IMITATE SOMEONE ELSE’S – You are not the next Nicki Minaj. You are not the next Beyonce. You are not the next Taylor Swift. Hell, you’re not even the female version of the next Chief Keef! You are you, so you better figure out how you’re gonna brand yourself. Imitation is boring. You’ll be looked over. Be creative: Have your own website, buttons, t-shirts, jewelry, etc. Something that screams YOU. Remember, everything you think of has been done before, BUT how you sell it is the difference between you and the next broad.IF YOU’RE SELLING SEX, DO IT THE RIGHT WAY – To put it simply, be classy not trashy. And if you find yourself trying to be sexy, just hang it up, this industry is not for you. The greatest thing about being a woman is that we have a natural sense of allure about us that makes us attractive to the same or opposite sex anyway. So there’s no need to be naked and dress in ugly clothing to be sexy. If you’re going to sell sex, do it the right way meaning leave something to the imagination. Be mysterious. Stop going out here looking like Miley Cyrus trying to find herself, or a knock off Rihanna. It looks bad.

So there you have it ladies, a few pieces of advice. Take it if it applies, and if it doesn’t pass it on to someone who it does apply to.
Kween K.
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  1. So true..i feel female artist sadly will always have a disadvantage in the music industry..n i know alotta dope female artist especially rappers but they dont make it simply because of they lyrics because it isnt "female mainstream".

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