Rated REAL – How Much Are You Worth?

Remember in one of Kanye West’s songs when he spit a verse that said “Pussy can’t be your only hustle?
Well, some females may have missed that message, because everywhere around me, I see females devaluing themselves by offering their time and sex to any guy who can buy them a meal, pay their rent  and get their hair and nails done.
I’ve seen countless of Vine and Instagram videos of females proudly stating that they will not fuck any guy for “free” if he cannot do any of the above.
While I agree that females shouldn’t lay down with anyone who WON’T do anything for you if you ask, however I also think that females as a whole need to stop selling themselves short with this: “If I fuck you, you have to pay me” mentality.
Somebody should of told these young ladies that it’s not attractive to be a cheap thrill because let’s break down the average cost of what most women ask for:
  • Manicure & Pedicure – $40-60
  • Date to movies with meal included – $100 depending on where you go
  • Sew-In – Up to $400
  • Shopping Spree that includes clothes, shoes, and purses – $300
  • Phone Bill – $80
Do ya’ll see how petty the above totals up to? But yet somewhere, a young lady has exchanged sexual services for those very items, if not more.
And to you women who are sexing men to get your rent and car note paid, I just would really like to know what kind of fool of a man is absurd enough to do those type of things for you?
Obviously you’re not financially literate enough to make your money sustain long enough to pay your bills, so tell me why should he?
Females need to learn four things:
1. Just because you have sex with someone, does not obligate them to do anything for you. If that was the case, then why do you think there are so many broke video vixens, strippers, hell even prostitutes?
Let me let ya’ll in on a little secret: Every woman in the world has a vagina. No matter how many tricks you can do with it, it is not that special, trust me.
2. Learn the difference between the man who spends money on you, and one who invests into you. You broads out here have all types of men that can buy you this or that, but does he even care about you? When you’re down and out, what does he do to make you feel better? Buy you a new Michael Kors purse, or give you a pep talk or offer his shoulder to cry on when you need it? Does he motivate you to stay on your grind and work harder, or does he constantly buy you things, making you more lazy and undeveloped?
3. Stop having sex with people you don’t like. Stop letting just any old dude run up in you, and spend some money on you. I thought when you lay down with someone, it has to be mutually enjoyable. You girls are wasting orgasms on people ya’ll don’t even care about, just to cash out at places like Forever 21, and Victoria Secret.
4. Time is a valuable thing that you cannot get back nor control. Stop selling your time to the highest bidder. Only spend your time with someone who truly deserves it, where it’s a mutual care between you two.
Some females these days lack so much substance because they literally have nothing better to offer besides what’s in between their legs. They can’t think for themselves, cook, pay their own bills, hold an intelligent conversation, the list goes on…..
I know some of ya’ll have been told forever that “As long as you have a slit between your legs you should never be broke” But seriously….
Leave your thoughts on this topic below, whether you agree or disagree.
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  1. SHOULD I CHILL OR NOT TO CHILL! So this goes into why i feel black women need to step they game up! Pussy has power but more things that run through it weakens hell out of it! But i agree any female outchea usin sex to get money for anything might as well stand on a corner in skippy outfits or find a amateur rapper n stand around in his ratchet music video cus u practically prostituting yourself. As guys yall gotta stop buying women stop just cus yall freakin! Unless thats yo wife(preferably) or yo GF yo wallet shouldnt be open at all to no female! Just cus she gave u the box dont give her right to our funds! Let her support her damn self! But overall morals of women are so low cus of women like Kim K or Superhead who got fame for thots! I knew so many females who read the superhead book when i was in 8th grade…seriously!? Smh i can say more but its gonna lead to a blog post lol

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