Desperate – Prologue


I woke up in the hospital one day, feeling like I was half dead, or already on my death bed. According to my charts, I had two broken ribs, internal bleeding, a row of my bottom teeth knocked out, a blackened eye, and a broken arm.


I looked around, just to make sure I wasn’t dead for real, because it amazed me with all those injuries, I was still able to breathe. My body hurted like hell.

“Miss Jones, are you awake?” says the doctor.

I tried to turn towards his voice, but almost broke myself in half instead.

“Oh, Miss Jones, I’m so sorry you can’t move. Do you remember anything that happened? You’re suffering from quite a few injuries, and you’ve been in and out a coma for about a week now” he said sympathetically.

A COMA? Are you sure I’m not dead, I thought to myself.

I tried to open my mouth to speak, but nothing came out. I was so dehydrated I couldn’t speak. The doctor signaled for the nurse to bring me some water, and I drunk that stuff like it was God’s greatest gift, I was so thirsty.

I drunk for about 20 minutes straight, and felt a little better. My voice came back. But I was still in so much pain.

“Miss Jones…. Can you please tell us if you remember anything?” the doctor asked me again.

“I know…I know I was in a car accident but I don’t remember anything else” I said softly.

The doctor wrote that down on his clip board, and told me he’d send a nurse in to drug me up a bit, so my pain could ease.

I looked around, a felt myself about to cry, not really because I was in pain, but because I let myself get caught slippin’ with another bitch’s man. I was in this predicament because a old ass lady thought I wanted to be with her husband. She was mistaken tho. There was nothing his old ass could do for me except pay my bills, and that’s what he was happily doing for two years until her nosey ass found out.

She’s been trying to kill me ever since, and since I’m now in the hospital, it looks like she almost succeeded. Crazy bitch.

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I stopped crying and wondered when this madness between me and her would stop. I under no circumstances wanted her man, it was just his money, but I wasn’t going to need it for very long because I was just about 20,000 dollars away from opening my own media company, I just needed him for about two more months.

But nooooo this nigga had a nerve to have a wife. And she did not like him tricking off on 20 year old girls apparently, and has been trying to stop him for the longest. My thing is, if it’s not her money that he’s spending on me, then why does she care so much? We don’t have sex. It’s more of a business transaction between her husband and I. He needs company. I need money. Everybody’s happy.

My thoughts were interrupted when the nurse came in and injected me with some meds.

I soon felt myself falling asleep again, reflecting on the last two years of my life, trying to figure out how it had got so crazy.

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