You Hate Yourself & U.E.N.O It


So I’m on Facebook today reading down my newsfeed, and I see a status that caught my eye. One of my Facebook “friends” posts (in poor grammar might I add) “Which one better, dark skinned or light skinned girls?”

I rolled my eyes at the post and wasn’t even going to comment on it because honestly, I see more extreme cases of ignorance worse than that everyday.

But of course, me being the nosey, I mean opinionated person that I am, I decided to see who would comment what. One guy said skin color didn’t matter, it’s the personality that matters the most, another person asked if “lightskinneded” was even a word, and then the owner of the status goes on to say “I don’t have a preference, I just wouldn’t date nobody darker than me

I can’t make this up y’all. I promise you I can’t.

So naturally, I lost it. I found myself commenting on this idiotic boy’s status.

I asked, “What’s wrong with being dark? Or darker than you?”

This fool asks me, “Well you wouldn’t talk to a burnt nigga that looks like a shadow would you?”

I lost it on the inside again. Since I personally know this person, I couldn’t believe how ignorant & hateful he really was, & how much he clearly hated himself.

So I said, “if he was attractive I would, his skin color wouldn’t phase me.”

And I meant that.

Other people started commenting, calling this fool ignorant. I laughed out loud when I saw that.

Then I commented again, saying that Colorism is some dumb ass shit.

Dude laughed. Obviously because he had never heard of the word. (Go figures)

Then he told me and the other girl who commented on his status that we were mad at his personal preference.

I swear I wanted to slap this fool. So here’s a screen shot of what I replied:


Thus today’s topic: how we hate ourselves and we don’t even know it!

The problem with my Facebook friend’s attitude is that is a common trait I see amongst all people of color, from various parts of the world. Society puts a huge & unnecessary emphasis on skin color, and to be honest, I am TIRED of it.

But lets get to the definition of colorism & some small history behind it.

According to Wikipedia, Colorism is Discrimination based on skin color, or a form of prejudice or discrimination in which human beings are treated differently based on the social meanings attached to skin color.[1]

We see it from the caste systems in India to the colonialism of AmeriKKKa, to amongst each other, a “modern day” Black Americans. Basically, the individuals who stole this country from the Native Americans established slavery, then came up with various tactics to oppress our people, even after physical slavery was “abolished”.

That’s evilly genius if you ask me, because generations later so many black people still have some ideals that have been in their families for years, a direct example of post traumatic slave syndrome, which I will explain to you all in another post, on another day.

The problem with colorism is that it’s simply stupid, but truth be told we’ve all done it. For example, on Twitter they have numerous pages dedicated to things they say only “lighter skinned” girls do, (like text back slow) and you all don’t even want to see the trending topics and hashtags concerning darker skinned females. Social media is cruel, cutthroat, and disgusting, especially when it comes to colorism.

The problem with my generation, and the fools who raised us, and the fools who raised them is that nobody ever took the time to realize that “Hmm at the end of day, we are all black, so maybe we should cut out this nonsense and stick together” Or “Hmmm why are we letting people define our beauty, based on SKIN COLOR?”

Don’t get me wrong. Some have caught on, but that’s not enough for the masses.

To think that just because you are lighter skinned or darker skinned makes you better or less than someone is idiotic.

Guess what: if you ancestors were house slaves, please remember they were slaves. Meaning, that yeah, they may have had easier work and more privileges but I don’t see what’s so great about getting abused by someone’s mistress who’s mad that her husband rapes you every night and continually gets you pregnant with little mixed babies that he’ll never claim.

Anyways, back to the fool and his idiotic Facebook post. Now he’s dark skinned, like dark chocolate. I find it absurd that he won’t date a girl darker than him? What is this, School Daze?

What’s even more absurd is that I bet most of you reading this don’t see anything wrong with what he said. I can’t even use all my fingers and toes to count how many times I see boys say “Oh she’s pretty…for a dark skinned girl” or “I only like light skinned girls.”

The above I just explained is not “preference” it’s ignorance. You all base how you feel about a person based on their color . Completely pass people up based on their colorno matter how attractive they are. Don’t like yourselves, because you’re a certain color

Moral of the story, if you find yourself practicing colorism, You hate yourself&the sad part about it is you didn’t even know it.

But now that you do, what are you going to do to stop it?

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  1. This prolly one greatest divides among black folks! Light skinned n black skinned debate needs to end cus it sets us i admit i laugh at the memes n jokes but do i take part it wrong that i laugh? not really..but let God handle me there!..but as black folks we need get over skin tones n debating which is better! At end day we all black..n white folks sees us as niggers! But lemme chill! But regardless of colorism is there among every race..but its def more out there for black folks cus we make it so much more known! N it needs to put to rest! Embrace the fact black is beautiful!

  2. At it’s core, colorism among Black people is rooted in white supremacy. It’s not simply preferring light skin, it’s a preference for whiteness and a hatred of blackness, however covert. I’m glad you went in, because many would not have. The contempt we hold for ourselves is disgusting on so many levels.

  3. It’s a shame that colorism exist…I have defly dealt with it majority of my life. From ppl telling me I’m pretty to be dark skinned or “you’re dark skinned so that means your ugly”. SMDH! I just wish that ppl wld look beyond the color of someone’s skin.

    1. I totally agree Rhonda. That’s unfortunate that people don’t see the detrimental damage they do to themselves & others by saying those things about themselves and others.

  4. Thumbs up! PTSS is alive and well and the cure for it is Black Love!

    Another effect of PTSS is wearing weave. I wanna see an article about that. I believe that straight long hair is a Euro-centric standard of beauty. Nonetheless the few things that I respect about weave is when women wear Afro-centric styles but keep their roots natural. But I am anti-perm

    1. Hmm that’s interesting. I’m currently in that stage. I switch between weave to box braids because my real hair is transitioning to 100% natural. Thanks for reading!

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