What The Heart Won’t Do But The Mind Has To

So. Most of us have met someone in our neighborhoods, our schools, our churches, etc that’s so incredibly dope. These people have the best personality, the sharpest intellect, and the kindest heart. You two instantly connect after meeting or talking to each other for the 1st time. It may feel like you’ve known this person for years, even though more than likely you’ve only known them for a short period of time.

As time goes on, you two get closer. A friendship or a relationship of the sorts may develop. You two become each other’s rock, you have a deep emotional connection towards one another that surpasses any physical act that you two could ever do with one another.

We are often told that when we meet people like this, that this person is our soul mate. The person we’re supposed to spend the rest of our lives with… But we were told wrong. People like this aren’t our soul mates, they are our Angels, and they came into our life for a specific reason.

The Angels I’ve met in my life (yes, sometimes you get more than one) weren’t there to save me. They came in to teach me how to save myself, and rely on the strength that I’ve always had.

The problem though? Me, like others have a hard time letting those angels go when they need to, and that’s when the problems begin….

It’s heartbreaking when you meet someone SO great, and get attached to them and want them in your life forever until you all stop talking or stop seeing each other. The phrase “people are like seasons” is never true until this situation happens.

So, how do you get your mind to do what your heart doesn’t want to?

Well, people you’ve got to find closure.

In a psychological sense, closure means to have a sense of completeness or certainty.

When our Angels exit out our life, it may feel as if the world is coming to an end. No matter the circumstances, someone close to us leaving HURTS.

However, we must remember: Everything happens for a reason, & people come into our lives to teach us big and small lessons, so PAY ATTENTION.

Finding closure is no easy thing. But remember, it’s important to know why things began and why they ended.

Mentally, you may find closure by accepting that things have ended. Instead of dwelling on the end, think about the lessons you learned, the times you shared, and the overall bond you’ve had with a person. I’m sure the good has outweighed the bad right?

Emotionally, the wrong way to go about finding closure is to wait on the other person to give it to you. If you look for someone to give you closure, you’re giving them too much control. You’ve got to move on with life, no matter how much how you want to see or talk to someone who meant the world to you.

To conclude, just remember this:

It is necessary for your mind to do what your heart won’t. After all, just because you’ve met one Angel in your life doesn’t mean that that will be the only one you meet…..

Happy Closure Finding!

3 thoughts on “What The Heart Won’t Do But The Mind Has To

  1. Very true..experience this often..n best thing u can do is trust God to remove the pain n help u through it.ln even at times God does bring people into your life to prepare for later things i had to deal with it..n never know that person that was so special might be the one..but if its that true n real..God will allow your lives to cross again. But key is focus on u n look at path u need follow in life n not anybody elses

      1. This is so true and its crazy how this sign is overlooked

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