A Woman With Substance


Though I’m currently 19, I wonder about things that are wise beyond my years.

Where are the young ladies with substance? It seems as if a majority of my generation and the women before us are often materialistic, hyper-sexualized beings that have nothing special about themselves except for the fact that they may be able to have sex really well, and can dress to catch other people’s attention.

When I say substance, I define that as something that goes beyond what you see physically, or on the surface. Substance is all about intellect. Substance is all about how you can draw people to you off conversation alone, without offering anything except mental stimulation. Substance is having a positive aura about you, and when you have substance; your life has meaning. 

But you know what’s sad? A lot of young ladies don’t have, and aren’t interested in possessing substance. They have been tricked into believing that they need nothing more than to be sexually objectified, for physical use only. Some are too caught up in being “sexy”, being pretty.

I mean don’t get me wrong, when you’re looking good, (and you know it) those compliments you may get put an extra switch in your walk, or pep in your step. And you deserve to feel as sexy and as confident as you want! That’s perfectly fine.

But…… what about your mind baby?

Yeah, you have a nice shape and a cute face. But so do millions of other girls. Truth be told, that’s nothing special.

If you think you have substance, ask yourself these things:

  • Can you hold a conversation about what’s going on in the world?
  • Do you read?
  • Do you have an opinion?
  • Are you aware of your dreams in life, AND are you taking steps to pursue them?

If you can’t answer yes to all these questions, then maybe you should get out the mirror and into a book!

And NO, not to attract the opposite or same sex!

(don’t you just hate when you read something and they suggest things like females need to cook, clean, fuck good, not dress like a hoe, etc just to please a man? It’s very headass, I know)

But anyways….

The most important person to have substance for is yourself. I’m no woman expert or anything, but I know if I didn’t have substance about myself then I wouldn’t have any goals or aspirations, I wouldn’t be running this blog, and I damn sure wouldn’t truly be happy!

I’m cute and all, but damn that gets old!

I won’t shame you girls without substance, because before this post was written, I’m sure you didn’t know.

But now that you do, go get you some substance, and be great!