Date A Black Girl – By Akira D.


So you want to date a black girl?

With her heavenly body, that looks as if it is God’s greatest creation.

The black girl with her sweet and charismatic language that leaves you in awe, when you hear her voice before your eyes greets her face.                                                                                     Her eyes are like two lovers who have been slow dancing in a room that reminds them both of their first time they slow danced together.

(Sings) If this world were mine, I’d place at your feet all that I own…You been so good to me if this world were mine
You love her hair from the kinky roots after she finishes deep conditioning her hair on a Sunday evening preparing for the long week ahead.


To the, 300.00 of 4 bundles of 18in Brazilian wet and wavy hair she just purchased that makes her feel beautiful.

You love her from her hair follicles all the way to her toe nails you say?

Dating a black girl is more than dealing with the attitudes and insecurities about the way the stretch marks hug our ass cheeks.

They are like zebra stripes, which will not be our favorite beauty mark when we shed off our clothes for you.

But, we will be self conscious of the vines that wander around our thighs, hips, and ass.

As if they were tattooing our body to become your guide to exploring our body with the lights on.

As you try and figure out why don’t we love them, because you believe they are the most important thing a black girl can have?

Her sweet language and slick mouth will be the reason why you fell in love in the first place.

Because you love a woman with a little sass in her walk, a woman whose confidence radiates her skin, and caresses your glance long enough to ask her, her name.

You will learn to appreciate the sound of her voice, the walk, the independence, her sensuality and her being seductive when she doesn’t even try.

Dating a black girl is more than just a love song or a bad hair day.

Dating a black girl, is her showing strength even when she is ready to set it off.

She is more than a fat ass in a hip hop video.

More than a female addicted to retail.

More than her stereotypes.

More woman than girl.

She is more than a lover, who’s allowed men to play her heart as if it was some sort of instrument.

Her body is more than a sexual object; it is a wonderland that has vines tattooing themselves, scars dancing on her legs and fingerprints that leave autographs on her inner thighs and on her pelvis bone.

Dating a black girl is realizing that some wars she will never return home from.

Dating a black girl is realizing that loving her every imperfection allows her to love herself even more.


Akira D. is currently a Communication major with a specification in Radio-Television Broadcasting. She aspires to have her own nationally-syndicated radio talk show and hopes to open a center for the performing arts for youth. She began writing and performing poetry at the age of 8 and through the support of mentors and family writing became one of her many passions. Akira D. 19. Lover of Music, Intellect and Beauty.

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