They say you’re not supposed to play with fire, but what if I like the burn?
What if I like the warmth the fire brings, even though its flame can be put out just as quickly as it was lit?

They say don’t trust…
But what if I like holding another person accountable for not hurting me, not lying to me, and just being a good person?
What if I like seeing them work hard to gain my trust, and work 3x as harder just to get it back if it’s been lost?

They say don’t love…
But what if I like the feelings that love brings?
The sweet gestures, the earnest words, the long kisses?
What if I like the connection between me and another human being, not knowing why we really love each other, but just knowing that deep down in our cores we do…

Why you gotta have a reason to love somebody anyways?! Why can’t it just be?

They say don’t forgive….
But what if I don’t like being angry, what if I don’t like being bitter? What if I wanna argue bad with you one day, and then make up with you the next like nothing ever happened?
What if I don’t like holding grudges? What if I don’t want people or situations having control over my life simply because I’m still mad?

Why is loving someone so easy, but forgiving them so hard?

They say a lot of things… But phuck what they have to say… I’m doing what I want.

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