3 Female Artists Everyone Should Be Listening To

This is a list. There isn’t much to say about this list, except that these women are dope, and I feel that EVERYONE should know who they are, and check out their music. In the comments, feel free to add your own thoughts on who everyone should be listening to…. Enjoy!

#3 – Ashley Laschelle 

Ashley Laschelle


Where She’s From: Chicago, IL

Why She’s Dope: Well, this woman is like a songbird on a dreary day. Not only does she have a beautiful voice, but she’s a beautiful person as well, and I even got the privilege to interview her over the summer. She’s also dope because she’s just so ambitious, and she always puts out quality work, and you can tell through her relentless work ethic.

My Favorite From Her : Recently, she has released a new single, and not only did I play it for the rest of the night when it landed in my email, but it also made me super thirsty for her upcoming album Letting Go, which is dropping soon. Until then PLEASE listen to I Choose Love 

#2 – Jayy Starr 



Where’s She From: Los Angeles, California

Why She’s Dope: I found out about her almost a year ago from http://www.traprockarchives.com, a dope blog based out of Baltimore. When I first heard her song Dragonflies, I soon confirmed that she is a lyrical goddess, and my theory was proven over and over again with each song she put out.

My Favorite From Her: Recently, she has started doing #RewindFridays an installment of freestyles videos over classic beats done by legendary female MC’s. The one below is a cover of MC Lyte’s Poor Georgie, a song that I LOVE, and I think Jayy Starr is brilliant for even doing this!

#1 – Klevah



Where She’s From: Charleston, IL

Why She’s Dope: I first came across Klevah over the summer, in her Pretty Ninja video, and I’ve been enthralled ever since. Then, she dropped The W8, which is possibly the coldest mixtape I have ever heard. To put it simply, Klevah slays. And I refuse to argue about that

My Favorite From Her: It’s hard to pick a fave from Klevah, because I legit like everything. But her visual for BiPolar is definitely something worth listening to and watching.

Now that this list is complete, I wanna know your thoughts! Either tweet me @TeamKweenK or comment below!

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