Getting Rated… Modern Day Slave Auctions Or Nah?


What I’m about to say may be a little extreme, but I don’t care… the madness needs to stop!

So on my Instagram as well as yours probably, I’m sure you all notice the annoying ass regrams, endless shoutouts, pointless reposts, etc.

However, the game on Instagram that annoys me the most is when these young people get time on their hands to do a group rate with their friends.

For those who don’t know what a group rate is, it basically looks likes this:

photo (2)

Or this…


Which usually leads to people double tapping their life away, just to get value placed on pointless things like their body parts and if they look like “marriage material” or whatever the hell that means.

Like dude, I’m on Instagram to see pictures, not to watch these generic beauty pageants put on  by you extremely bored mothafuckas.

Usually when these shenanigans take place on my Instagram feed I’m all like:


But as of lately, this whole getting rated thing BOTHERS me. Everyday, I see individuals get picked apart based on some mediocre filters and poses. I see young women and young men’s bodies get objectified, not appreciated. I see the opinion of people who may or not know you, and what YOU look like become more and more important than having self-confidence about yourself. I know this is an extremely narcissistic generation, but DAMN… can the madness stop?

I compare these games to a slave auctions because, well… they basically are.

Her boobs are big, so that makes her a 9 right?

Her hips are wide… baby making hips… but her face is kinda ugly… so she’s a 6 right?

He looks so strong… he’s a 7 right?

All of the above, are some comments I see underneath these group rate pictures. And it’s really sad. Though American slavery has been over (unless we’re talking about the prison-industrial complex… but that’s another story for another day) it is sad that social media allows us to perpetuate the ignorance of placing value on another human beings body parts.

I conclude this with a few questions for you to ponder and and answer below.

1. Why do we care so much about what other people think about our looks? Especially via social media?

2. Have you ever been rated? How did it make you feel?

3. Have you ever rated someone? Why is your opinion important?

4. Do you understand the connection between slave auctions and group rates?

5. Any other games on Instagram that you hate?

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4 thoughts on “Getting Rated… Modern Day Slave Auctions Or Nah?

  1. Finally! kia has come back to…BLOGGING!!! But love this post dope one to answer yo questions tho
    1. Why do we care so much about what other people think about our looks? Especially via social media? Because we are a world n civilization that puts looks high on the pedestal! Especially in a america! We constantly sayin if u look like this and dress like this u can get this. We forgot that we were created in God image n Everything he touches is good n lovely but we let ignorance n negative thinking corrupt us into judging looks instead of personality

    2. Have you ever been rated? How did it make you feel?
    Yup n most time i get a 6 or 7 a few 9s but its funny cus i get women anyways n they love the mans anyway!
    3. Have you ever rated someone? Why is your opinion important?
    Often but at same time i messed with some not physically attracting chicks n was happy about it. My opinion doesnt matter but to some women with low confidence my opinion may break or make her day
    4. Do you understand the connection between slave auctions and group rates? Most def!

    5. Any other games on Instagram that you hate?
    Just group rate and also sex cuddle or whatever it so..anything sexual related cus who u judge if a dude dickgame right by a

    But nice read real talk!

  2. Well….
    1. We care because we were created to be visual and sensual creatures. Our vision has been one of our must trusted evolutionary traits throughout history. Even in the bible God creates that which is ‘pleasing to the eye’. A more cynical explanation goes to the very core of social media and our unquenchable need to document our entire lives. Why post anything? Why do you want me to care that you looked cute before you went to the club? Why does it matter that you’re dinner turned out visually appealing? Unless I’ve missed an update there are no phones that make it mandatory to upload every picture you take, we decide to do it. It’s that insecure need to share that drives social media and to a greater sense our willingness to openly allow ourselves to be rated.

    2. I am a black man in America, I am ‘rated’ every time I walk outside of my home. At one point I was oblivious to it. Once I realized it I became overly concerned with it, and once I matured I realized that as long as I am living my life as a man of virtue and purpose I have no reason to concern myself with the judgement of others. In relation to online ratings, I never taken part because it always seemed immature and asinine.

    3. I rate people all the time. Rather it be looking through job applications, deciding how to approach certain situations, or just being observant I am constantly rating and placing value on that which I see. I rate appearance, perceived intelligence, and any other visual characteristics and although I don’t think my opinion holds any specific weight over another, it does matter to me because it helps me adjust myself and my interactions with others.

    4. This is probably the one I have the most trouble answering. I understand the connection you are trying to make but the difference you fail to see is CHOICE. Hundreds of years ago Africans and today with human trafficking people are being stolen from their homes and put on these auctions blocks against their will. Families were broken apart and human beings were objectified against their will. These ratings game, however, are actually more closely related to generic beauty pageants, as you stated. These people are willingly allowing themselves to be rated and objectified. Instead of it being a humiliating dehumanizing experience for the slave, it’s a tangible way for the insecure to validate their own self worth.

    5. I don’t know if there are any I really don’t like. I don’t pay them much mind.

    You’re a smart woman, don’t let something so trivial get you so worked up.

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