Getting Rated… Modern Day Slave Auctions Or Nah?


What I’m about to say may be a little extreme, but I don’t care… the madness needs to stop!

So on my Instagram as well as yours probably, I’m sure you all notice the annoying ass regrams, endless shoutouts, pointless reposts, etc.

However, the game on Instagram that annoys me the most is when these young people get time on their hands to do a group rate with their friends.

For those who don’t know what a group rate is, it basically looks likes this:

photo (2)

Or this…


Which usually leads to people double tapping their life away, just to get value placed on pointless things like their body parts and if they look like “marriage material” or whatever the hell that means.

Like dude, I’m on Instagram to see pictures, not to watch these generic beauty pageants put on  by you extremely bored mothafuckas.

Usually when these shenanigans take place on my Instagram feed I’m all like:


But as of lately, this whole getting rated thing BOTHERS me. Everyday, I see individuals get picked apart based on some mediocre filters and poses. I see young women and young men’s bodies get objectified, not appreciated. I see the opinion of people who may or not know you, and what YOU look like become more and more important than having self-confidence about yourself. I know this is an extremely narcissistic generation, but DAMN… can the madness stop?

I compare these games to a slave auctions because, well… they basically are.

Her boobs are big, so that makes her a 9 right?

Her hips are wide… baby making hips… but her face is kinda ugly… so she’s a 6 right?

He looks so strong… he’s a 7 right?

All of the above, are some comments I see underneath these group rate pictures. And it’s really sad. Though American slavery has been over (unless we’re talking about the prison-industrial complex… but that’s another story for another day) it is sad that social media allows us to perpetuate the ignorance of placing value on another human beings body parts.

I conclude this with a few questions for you to ponder and and answer below.

1. Why do we care so much about what other people think about our looks? Especially via social media?

2. Have you ever been rated? How did it make you feel?

3. Have you ever rated someone? Why is your opinion important?

4. Do you understand the connection between slave auctions and group rates?

5. Any other games on Instagram that you hate?

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