Girls In The Hood…

Before I begin writing this post, I would like to issue a small trigger warning… The very true story I’m about to tell is one that is likely similar to lots of women, and I would hate for you all to read something that puts you into a sudden state of sadness and/or depression. I do understand if you do not complete reading this post, but if you proceed, please practice some self care to the best of your ability afterword…

With that being said…. Here we go.

I have recently came home for my Christmas break from college, and at first I couldn’t be more happier. Being back at home with loved ones, no worrying about classes or finals, and REAL home cooked meals after months of nasty dorm food is definitely something to count my blessings about.

But if it’s one thing I DON’T like about being home, is these men in the hood. Granted, my mother doesn’t live in the WORST area on the Southside of Chicago, but there are still some shenanigans around that would make a sane woman lose it.

Growing up in the hood can really make you hate men sometimes..

And when I say hate men, I think I really mean you’ll become afraid of them…

Growing up, I’ve seen and personally experienced some pedophiles harass and scam their way in between the legs of girls they KNOW are too young for them. But I think I’ll save that issue for another day, because right now I would like to discuss the verbal sexual harassment us black girls have to experience in our own hoods.

My mom sent me to the store for her. I couldn’t even make it across the street without some grown ass low life’s stopping their cars, slowing down to “talk” to me… I really wanted to tell these fools that my name is NOT baby, no I will NOT smile for you, hell NO you can’t have my number, and most importantly, your dick will come nowhere NEAR me, you fucking pedophiles.

Instead, I fumed in silence, thinking about how IRRITATING it is to have men you don’t even WANT to know verbally harass me, making comments on everything– from the way I wear my hair to the way I walk. It’s infuriating that I can’t even walk past a group of guys without getting hollered at like I’m some type of animal; and lets not even speak on the ones who are bold enough to come up and grab your arm when they tire of you ignoring their verbal remarks.

I often wonder what gives these men the audacity to sexually harass a woman just because of the way we may be shaped, or how “mature” they think we are…. It’s unfair… And it makes me feel like I’ve done something wrong just by stepping out the house. Which is unfair, because I KNOW I’ve done nothing wrong, but still.

I’ve had men go as far as follow me ALL the way home from the store, damn near to my doorstep just to get my number… When I was younger, sometimes I would oblige, because I was so afraid that they would do something to me if I didn’t. I eventually got smarter, and started coming up with fake names and numbers to deflect from the abuse, but day after day, the routine was still the same.

I would go outside, get harassed.
Go outside, get harassed.
It was never ending.

After a while, I became very used to it… Desensitized even. Nothing no dude ever said to me got to me, I made myself numb to it. I’m sure many of us have too….

But this past day was the first time in a long time I had experienced sexual harassment in a long time.

College had really sheltered me, because you don’t have all type of characters hanging out on corners all hours of the day and night, thinking of the next vulgar thing they can say to get your number out of you.

To be perfectly honest, I just wanna go to the store bruh. Not talk to your ashy ass.

But then of course, I get called all types of bitches and whores when I ignore the harassment. I’m stuck up. I’m this. I’m that. It’s ridiculous!

News flash! I’m not stuck up by a long shot, but I am NOT obligated to talk to your ignorant ass when the only intelligent thing you can say is “Aye Shawty” loud as fuck so the whole hood can hear you.

While many of us black and brown girls know we are attractive, we don’t need or ask for the harassment of you weak ass motherfuckers in the hood to prove it.

It’s hard being a girl in the hood. Sure boys growing up in the hood have it rough as well, but they are least likely to experience sexual harassment, sexual abuse, or sexual assault by men who are right in their own hoods.

But this isn’t a battle between who has a more worse plight, because I am highly aware of the police harassment, the gang violence, the death rates, the high incarceration rates, etc that keep our black boys from prospering.

It’s fucked up, I get it. But countless of black girls like myself face the issue of dealing with our womanhood in the hood.
How are we to feel confident in ourselves after our body parts are reduced to nothing but tools for sexual satisfaction by men who should KNOW better?

I had an Arab man tell me that if I fucked him, he’d pay my tuition…. He said it so casually, like he was talking about the weather. Why is it open season on black girls in the hood????? If we aren’t dealing with the black men, then we gotta deal with the bullshit these foreigners who own all the stores in our neighborhoods dish out too. IT’S UNFAIR!!!!!!!

Can us black girls EVER catch a break, or nah?

Why are we taught to be flattered by unwarranted attention? I don’t think there’s anything cool about older men wanting to fuck me. I never have…and I probably never will.

It’s funny to me…. I see so many rallies and marches to “Save Our Black Boys” but where’s the saving of the black women? I would LOVE to see a rally for “Stop Raping Our Black Women” but when it comes to the atrocities committed against little black girls, it is often ignored, y’all don’t think it’s that serious, and we are often forced to be silenced.

Meanwhile, the cycle of this abuse is continued, and our self esteem is continuously lowered.

After all, it is proven over and over again that no one REALLY gives a fuck about black girls.

And of course, close minded people say, “Well y’all need to speak up on it more, put more guys in their place, and then they will stop doing it.”

Or my favorite “You can’t expect anyone one to stand up for you if you don’t stand up for you.”

Easier said than done… In the hood, some men have some very unpredictable personalities, and don’t know how to handle rejection well. So yeah, I could curse a guy out and embarrass him, but I also don’t want to get hit in the mouth either. [I’ve seen this happen before too.]

We are scared…. People already think it’s impossible for sexual assault to happen to black girls, so they would damn near have a cow if we bravely stood up for ourselves.

The solution to this problem is way more complex than most of us are willing to explore… I don’t have all the answers.

But right now in this post…. I’m taking a stance… If not for me, then for the millions of girls who are getting harassed right now, or sexually assaulted, or enduring sexual abuse and are silenced…

Silenced by friends and family members that think it’s not that serious.

Silenced by community members who just don’t understand. And don’t want to either…

Silenced by fear.

But me? I can’t stay silent for any longer…. Not when the same thing has happened to me, and is happening to millions of girls in hoods daily….

We are tired dammit. And that’s all I have to say about that.

~ Kween K

4 thoughts on “Girls In The Hood…

  1. This is something i see very often by black men of all ages, old and young. On the bus, train, streets etc. sadly the respect of black women is low and it shouldnt be, especially by black men!

    I never took part of the “holla at a girl” in the streets because for one i was too shy, two because i refuse be rejected in public lbs, and three because it isnt respectful at all. No girl should feel uncomfortable walking to the corner store bus stop, etc in her own neighborhood. Same way i dont wanna get harrassed by the police doin the same.

    Me myself idk how exactly this should end or get straightened out but it should get corrected because in future i dont wanna be father walkin my daughter everywhere cus i dont want no grown or young ignorant coon approaching her and disrespecting her.

    1. I think the best thing you can do is educate yourself first, and then teach others as well, even if they have participated in the abuse once before. Once you know better, you will do better.

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